Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Snapshot

I just stumbled on this meme and I think it's DEELIGHTFUL! I've become that annoying asshat that posts random stupid pics on her Instagram (coraelle...btw..follow follow) anyhoodle. I figured since I have these pictures I will post a few or a million..just kidding. (maybe)

My son got a special surprise from a neighbor in the form of those magnet letter thingies. THIS is what my son decided to leave on the fridge for us.

why yes that does say I Love you...and yes it does say Sam.W.  and Dean W. (as in Winchester) we are marathoning Supernatural...don't judge!

sometime during the week I either developed a cold OR got sinus raped by tree pollen..I couldn't tell which. Was SUCKISH!

I made foods and it was GOOD! I'm not a natural chef, and yes I know that chicken stir fry is noobish, but I am learning! Y'all Trent even ate it and he's HARD TO PLEASE!

And Lastly...

Mother Nature trolled our asses, HARD! We were warned about horrid storms heading our way and well LUCKILY that didn't happen but it had me all kinds of FLAILING! It's almost Tornado season (or has that started? i can't remember) and any mention of the T word gets me all hands wringing and heart palpitations! We dodged a bullet..this time.

So there's my week in pictures! I may do this again next week. I dunno.


  1. I love the sight of storm clouds rolling in (unless of course I'm stuck outside somewhere with no shelter).
    I'm Worducopia on instagram--off to find you now. :)

  2. oh you must save the picture from your son! That is too sweet!

  3. This is such a cool meme! I think you should definitely do this every week, your pictures are like a little window into your life! Also, that stirfry looks yummy... I'm just sayin'...

  4. Very sweet "I love you" message - had to laugh about the second part of it though. :) Glad you haven't had to deal with tornadoes yet!


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