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~The Trouble With Flying~ @AuthorRMorgan

The Trouble With Flying - PROMO Blitz
By Rachel Morgan
Young Adult/New Adult
Date Published: June 24, 2014

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When introvert Sarah boards a plane to fly home after an overseas holiday, the last thing she expects is Aiden, the guy sitting next to her who’s never flown anywhere before and refuses to shut up. Hours of random conversation later, they part ways. Sarah can’t stop thinking about Aiden, though, and wondering if she made a terrible mistake letting him go. Should she abandon her safe, predictable life and go in search of him, or would she be chasing a happily ever after that could never exist in real life?


I don’t make friends on aeroplanes. I know there are people who like to strike up a conversation with the complete stranger sitting next to them, but that’s not me. It’s not that I’m an unfriendly person. It’s more the fact that the conversation centre of my brain seems to seize up in the presence of strangers, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what to say. And even if the other person is happy to simply babble on while I pretend to listen and be interested, I’d really rather be doing something else. Like reading. Or watching a movie. Or sleeping. Or trying to figure out how to stop crying.

Yes. Crying. Because if being shy and awkward isn’t enough, today I’m adding red eyes, tears, and suppressed sobs to the embarrassing mix.

I stare out the tiny, oval window at the patches of reflected light on the wet runway and silently ask God to leave the seat next to me empty. I can’t deal with a chatty neighbour right now. I’d rather watch the black sky and incessant rain until we reach cruising altitude. Then I’ll close my eyes and let sleep take the pain away.

Oh, STOP IT. It’s not like someone died.

I wiggle around a bit in my seat and sniff, trying to listen to my inner pep-talk voice. Think of the good things, I tell myself. I’m on my way home. I’m leaving behind the dreary, wet weather for a sunny, summer climate. That, at least, should make me happy. But thinking about home leads to thoughts ofwho I’m flying towards, and that only makes my stomach twist further.

I hear the sound of a bag being dumped onto the seat at the end of my row. There are only three seats between the window and the aisle—mine and two others—so there’s a fifty-fifty chance this person is about to plonk him or herself down right next to me.

I angle myself more towards the window and swipe my fingers beneath my eyes. I start the furious tear-banishing blinking. Stop crying, stop crying, stop crying. All I need now is for someone to see my blotchy, wet face and start asking me what’s wrong.

I hear someone settling into a seat. I don’t feel movement right beside me, so it must be the aisle seat. Fantastic. I send up a quick thank-you prayer and remind God that it would be spectacularly awesome if He could keep the seat next to me empty.

A tickle inside my left nostril alerts me to the fact that my nose is dribbling. I sniff, but it doesn’t help.Crap, where are my tissues? I lean forward and reach down by my feet for my handbag. Brown strands of hair fall in front of my face and block my vision, but if I can just get the zip open and feel past my purse to the tissues—

No. Too late. Now it’s trickling down my lip and I’m digging around in the bag and I can’t feel the stupid tissues and a drop of tear-snot just landed on my hand and yuck! I haul the ridiculous handbag—I told Jules I didn’t need something so big—onto my lap with one hand while holding the back of my other hand to my nose. And there the tissues are. Right next to my purse. Perfectly easy to find. I rip one from the packet and jam it against my nose to stop the tear-snot flood.

And that’s when I catch a glimpse of the guy sitting in the aisle seat. A quick sideways glimpse, but enough to tell me he’s cute. Excellent cheekbones, a strong jawline, and perfectly messy dark brown hair. Terrific. My nose is dripping snot in front of a cute guy. Not that I should care that he’s cute, or that he’s a guy, because it’s not like I’m going to talk to him, and it’s not like I’m even available—am I? I don’t actually know. And thinking about that makes me want to cry all over again—but STILL. I don’t want to look blotchy and snotty in front of a cute guy.

Rachel Morgan was born in South Africa and spent a large portion of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making. After completing a degree in genetics, she decided science wasn't for her--after all, they didn't approve of made-up facts. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults.

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Promo: Vows and Victims

Title: Vows & Victims 
Genre: Cozy mystery/chick lit
Release Date: February 6, 2014

Presley goes back home to help Katy plan for her wedding to Chris and instead of nuptial bliss, realtor Bethany Granville is found dead in Katy’s salon. Katy didn’t even know Bethany. Ever curious Presley wants to solve the murder but as usual things aren’t that simple and grow even more complicated when ex-friend Dirt who was in jail for murder escapes.

Is he headed back into town? And did Chris know Bethany? All these are questions Presley is determined to get the answers to.

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Author’s Bio:

As a child Laina thought she would either be a truck driver (thanks to Jerry Reed in Smokey and the Bandit) or work at Taco Bell (her favorite restaurant as a child). As she grew older she realized her talents lay in academics and business and for the last several years has been a business consultant and college professor where she uses the analytical side of her brain and not the side that makes up stories.

Through all her career choices she has continued to have a passion for writing. This stemmed from childhood whereas an only child she developed a vivid imagination spending most of her time making things up and thinking the Incredible Hulk lived in her closet.

Proud of her vast experiences in life from barrel racing to being on the dance team for a semi pro basketball team to being a mom of 2 amazing kids, she tells her family and friends that no one is safe from their escapades slipping in to her books.

Taking the plunge to write books that she actually lets people read in 2010, she has worked her way up to having 5 fans (maybe 6 now). Her blog, The Art Of Living Fabulously, was launched to share the daily fun in the life of a Real Housewife of the Midwest along with the musing of other fabulous ladies.

Author's Website:


I can’t believe you’re actually getting married,” I said to my best friend from back home, Katy, while packing to head down there for the upcoming nuptials.

You mean you can’t believe I’m actually getting married to Chris. I know you don’t approve.”

Katy, it’s not that I don’t approve. I just want you to be happy. And Chris doesn’t have the best track record in making you happy.”

I know, Presley, but he’s changed. I realize you’re not going to believe me until you see for yourself which you will, I promise, when you get here. He’s a completely different person. You just need to spend some time with him. He’s really been trying hard.”
I held back a sigh. I wanted to be happy for her, but there was a lot of negative history there. However, Katy was a grown woman and could make her own decisions, or mistakes, as I saw it. I just needed to be the supportive friend and if things fell apart, be there to pick up the pieces and not say I told you so.

So you’ll be here by noon, right? In time to go with me to the florist, and the caterers, oh yeah, and by the hall to make sure everything is set, just to name a few things?”

I plopped down on the bed, phone still in my hand and sighed quietly so Katy wouldn’t hear me. It was taking a lot of effort to try and show genuine enthusiasm not just for the whole wedding in general but for all the work the maid-of-honor was supposed to do. I was happy to be a part of her wedding, but I wasn’t the best at all the organization and stuff.

Yes, I’m going to pack tonight and head out first thing tomorrow. I can’t wait!”

Katy laughed. “Whatever. I’ll see you then.”

I got off the phone and sat up, taking a mental inventory of what clothes I had clean that I should pack. My bridesmaid dress was there already waiting for me. Hope to God it still fit, since six weeks ago when I had it fitted and altered it had been a little tight and I just hadn’t been in the dieting mood. Food was so good.
I quickly made my clothing decisions and got everything together, except what I needed in the morning to get ready. I got in my pajamas, set my alarm and laid down to try and get some sleep but my mind kept thinking about what Katy was about to do. It reminded me too much of the problems I was currently having with Cooper and I wasn’t sure sleep would be too forthcoming.

When the alarm went off at six, I wanted to hit the snooze once, or twice, as was my normal practice, but I knew I needed to get up and on the road if I was going to make to it to Alkon in time for the many meetings Katy had planned for us.

At seven fifteen, I was in my black Kia Sportage pulling into traffic to head out of town. Jared, my roommate, was still sleeping when I left so I wrote him a note to not forget it was garbage day. I joked that taking out the garbage was the only reason I kept him around.

I’m Presley, thirty-something, auburn-haired, size eight on a good day, size 10 most of the time, Thurman. I live in Chicago in a condo with my friend Jared and was heading back to my hometown of Alkon, which was a couple of hours south of the city. While I left that small town the minute after graduation, not all of my friends did. Katy, for example, and my parents were still there, so I frequently went back to visit.

This was only the second time I had been back since the murder of Senator Tom Daniels. I had become involved in the murder, no fault of my own of course, and some of the key players had been friends of mine. Coming back stirred up some not-so-great memories and with Katy’s wedding I had a great big memory smacking me right in the face.
I merged onto the freeway and thought about Chris the guy Katy was marrying. He had never treated Katy very well, in my opinion. Not only had Chris and Katy been on again and off again since high school, but he had also been involved romantically with Helen, the wife of Senator Daniels, when he was murdered. Chris had been played by Helen so, of course, when he got his heart broken he ran back to Katy who, God knows why, took him back.  It had been their pattern for so many years I almost wondered if it was just her habit.

I tried to put it out of my mind because I truly did want to be supportive for Katy and obsessing over all the reasons why she shouldn’t marry Chris wasn’t going to help that. So instead, I thought of my own current situation. I had recently started a job as a food blogger. It didn’t pay much and was basically a start-up column for a local paper which had started taking their product online, much like the writing gig I’d started before that had indirectly gotten me involved with the murder of Senator Daniels.

In that case, I had been an online journalist and the online magazine had sent me to interview the Senator because he was visiting my hometown where Helen was from. Shortly after the murder, in an unrelated series of events, the online magazine went under. It was sad, not only because I lost my new job, but my friend Trevor had been the editor and was instrumental in getting it off the ground. He had lost his job, as well as his investment. Lucky for him, he had found another job quickly, not surprisingly though because he was talented. Me on the other hand, I was still searching. I was, by definition of my college degree, a human resource professional. I had spent many years after college climbing the corporate ladder working toward that golden job in the C-suite. Then I became disillusioned, was sexually harassed by my slime ball of a boss, and walked out one day. It was the best, and most scary, day of my professional life. While I had never regretted leaving the business world, it had left me at a loss of where my true passions lay. Since then, I had tried to follow my childhood passion which was writing but while working on the great American novel, I had to make my condo payment. So I worked a variety of different job leading up to this latest one. I wanted to find a way to make a living doing what I loved, but it wasn’t easy. Life was funny. When you were young you thought you would have it all figured out by the time you left high school. Ha! I had left high school a long time ago and I still had no idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Writing this food blog scared me a little.

What I knew about food mainly centered around eating it but I was convincing enough, or they were desperate enough, that they hired me. My first piece was due Friday, in three days, another reason I was stressed about the wedding. I had to find time to write five hundred words on a topic I knew little about. Coming to Alkon was also a great opportunity to talk to my mom, who really was a person who knew about food and I was hoping she could help me. If only I could get her to write it for me.

I turned on the radio and station surfed, distracting myself from everything and tried to just enjoy the drive. A couple of coffee stops and a couple hours later, I made it into Alkon and went straight to Katy’s salon. As I pulled in I was surprised I didn’t see any cars in the lot and then I remembered she didn’t open until 1 p.m. on Tuesdays as it was one of her late nights.
I had made such good time I had arrived twenty minutes early so not even Katy was there yet. I got out of my car to stretch my legs and walked around in circles in the parking lot. Then headed over to peek in the window of the salon. Katy was always changing the d├ęcor and I was curious to see what the latest look was.

I shaded my eyes with my hands and leaned against the front window to eliminate glare so I could see in better. I could see she had replaced the tile colors with a softer blue which gave the salon a much lighter feel than it had before. As I looked around I saw a mannequin sitting, or rather slumped over in one of the hair styling chairs. Why would she have one of those? Or was it a mannequin? I squinted to see better and almost wished I hadn’t. Holy crap that was most certainly not a mannequin. I reached for my phone thinking what were the odds this would happen to me twice. I had just found a dead body.

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The Unintentional Time Traveler

(Time Guardians, #1)

Young Adult Sci-Fi
Date Published:February 24, 2014

Fifteen-year-old Jack Bishop has mad skills with cars and engines, but knows he’ll never get a driver’s license because of his epilepsy. Agreeing to participate in an experimental clinical trial to find new treatments for his disease, he finds himself in a completely different body—that of a girl his age, Jacqueline, who defies the expectations of her era. Since his seizures usually give him spazzed out visions, Jack presumes this is a hallucination. Feeling fearless, he steals a horse, expecting that at any moment he’ll wake back up in the clinical trial lab. When that doesn't happen, Jacqueline falls unexpectedly in love, even as the town in the past becomes swallowed in a fight for its survival. Jack/Jacqueline is caught between two lives and epochs, and must find a way to save everyone around him as well as himself. And all the while, he is losing time, even if he is getting out of algebra class.

My Thoughts:
Books about time travel can be hit or miss in my opinion, and most focus more on the scifi bits rather than the personal journey of the main character (s). This book found it's middle ground. It's got just enough fun scifi stuff and meshes that with an healthy dose of humanity. 

Jack/Jacqueline's story is definitely interesting and fresh. I honestly cannot remember a story like it! It kept me on my toes and actually made me THINK about so many things. 

I really liked this story and enjoyed where it went. I can't  wait to see where it continues to go in future books!

Everett Maroon

Everett Maroon is a memoirist, pop culture commentator, and speculative fiction writer. He lives in Walla Walla, Washington with his partner and two children, one of whom really wants to get a dog. Everett tweets at @everettmaroon and blogs at


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TLC Tour: A Replacement Life

A Replacement Life 

 A Replacement Life

  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Harper (June 3, 2014)
A singularly talented writer makes his literary debut with this provocative, soulful, and sometimes hilarious story of a failed journalist asked to do the unthinkable: forge Holocaust-restitution claims for old Russian Jews in Brooklyn, New York.

Yevgeny Gelman, grandfather of Slava Gelman, ”didn’t suffer in the exact way” he needs to have suffered to qualify for the reparations the German government has been paying out to Holocaust survivors. But suffer he has—as a Jew in the war, as a second-class citizen in the USSR, as an immigrant in America. So? Isn’t his grandson a ”writer”?

High-minded Slava wants to put all this immigrant-scraping behind him. Only the American dream is not panning out for him: Century, the legendary magazine where he works as a researcher, wants nothing greater from him. Slava wants to be a correct, blameless American—but he wants to be a lionized writer even more.

Slava’s turn as the Forger of South Brooklyn teaches him that not every fact is a truth and not every lie a falsehood. It takes more than law-abiding to become an American; it takes the same self-reinvention at which his people excel. Intoxicated and unmoored by his inventions, Slava risks exposure. Cornered, he commits an irrevocable act that finally grants him a sense of home in America—but not before collecting a lasting price from his family.

A Replacement Life is a dark, moving, and beautifully written novel about family, honor, and justice.
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My Thoughts:

I will start off by saying that this review won't be awesome. I am not exactly sure how to explain why I can't be totally in love with this story. The writing is NOT the issue. Boris Fishman can certainly write a solid book. I just may not be the right audience for it? I just could not "click" with the story.

I don't like giving up on books, so I give them 50 to 100 pages to grab my attention or I put it down (and this is only when I am pressed for time.) In this case, because of the obligation to TLC Book Tours..I finished the book. While I didn't click with the story itself, I have to say that there is something really darkly charming about the way that Fishman writes. I did enjoy the sorta twisted humor I spotted throughout the book. 

In the end, I had a lukewarm impression of this book. I might try and pick it up again at a later date, but for now I can only say this..
I enjoyed Boris Fishman's writing. I just did not enjoy this story.
Photo credit Rob Liguori

About Boris Fishman
Boris Fishman was born in Belarus and immigrated to the United States at the age of nine. He is the editor of Wild East: Stories from the Last Frontier, and his work has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times Magazine, the New Republic, the Wall Street Journal, the London Review of Books, and other publications. He lives in New York City. A Replacement Life is his first novel.

Find out more about Boris at his website, and connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

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Release Blitz: A Day In the Life of Trixie Pristine by Laina Turner

Title: A Day in the Life of Trixie Pristine
Genre: Cozy mystery/chick lit
Release Date: January 14, 2014


In this short story prequel, Trixie and her friends Berklie and Sophie, considered themselves typical thirty something females until someone turned up murdered in their newly opened bookstore/wine bar. They thought they would be living out their dream in their new shop not trying to catch a killer. Who killed Sylvia and why? Or was one of them the intended target?


Author’s Bio:

As a child Laina thought she would either be a truck driver (thanks to Jerry Reed in Smokey and the Bandit) or work at Taco Bell (her favorite restaurant as a child). As she grew older she realized her talents lay in academics and business and for the last several years has been a business consultant and college professor where she uses the analytical side of her brain and not the side that makes up stories.

Through all her career choices she has continued to have a passion for writing. This stemmed from childhood whereas an only child she developed a vivid imagination spending most of her time making things up and thinking the Incredible Hulk lived in her closet. Proud of her vast experiences in life from barrel racing to being on the dance team for a semi pro basketball team to being a mom of 2 amazing kids, she tells her family and friends that no one is safe from their escapades slipping in to her books. Taking the plunge to write books that she actually lets people read in 2010, she has worked her way up to having 5 fans (maybe 6 now). Her blog, The Art Of Living Fabulously, was launched to share the daily fun in the life of a Real Housewife of the Midwest along with the musing of other fabulous ladies.


  What the hell!”
 I said for the second time in as many weeks as we walked back in to the shop to find someone had once again been here and not with the intention of helping us clean and organize. 

“Not again! That bitch Sylvia. This is the last straw. I’m calling Tom and telling him he better have a word with her. This has gone too far.” 

“Uh, Berklie. I don’t think it was Sylvia this time.” 

“What are you saying?” Berklie asked but realized what I meant when she saw where I was pointing. 

As Sylvia sprawled out on the floor. Clearly dead. 

“I don’t think she will be bothering us anymore,” said Sophie. I reached for my phone and dialed 911. 

“911, what’s your emergency?”
 I’m calling to report a murder …”


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Release Week Blitz: Blood Lust

Blood Lust  (Blood Series #3) - Week Blitz
T. Lynne Tolles
New Adult Paranormal Romance
Date Published: June 18, 2014

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A surprise visit from Blake and Devon's uncle, Dominic, demanding both vampires, come home immediately to find what is ailing his son Anton, puts everyone on edge. Can vampires get sick? Devon doesn't appreciate Dominic's demands, but agrees to fly back to Connecticut with Darby, since Blake has a job to finish up in California. Excited to meet more of Devon's family, Darby is confused by Devon's distance and coldness since Dominic's visit.

In Connecticut, this only gets worse when a gorgeous Libby, Anton's estranged wife, shows up unexpectedly and seems to have her sights set on Devon. To top it all off, there's seems to be some pent up animosity, Anton and Devon have towards each other.

What is this strange power Libby has over the men in this family? And what's wrong with poor Anton? Why does it seem that Anton and Devon hate each other? These are all questions Darby sets out to answer in this third volume of the Blood Series.


Dominic smiled at her gesture and said, “I’m sorry, miss, this is a private family matter and I just couldn’t possibly stay. You understand, don’t you?” He said this dismissively as if speaking to a servant; polite, but not sincere.
Darby saw that Devon was irritated by his uncle’s rude behavior and was about to say something, when Blake jumped out of his chair and said, “Sure, Dominic. They understand.” He glanced at the others at the table and gave Devon an imploring look, all the while helping his uncle with his coat. “We’ll speak in the front yard, Dominic. Go back to your meal, enjoy! We’ll only be a minute,” Blake said rather apologetically to Darby still standing, stunned, in front of her seat. Darby looked at the rest of the people at the table and said, “I’ll get some champagne flutes, to enjoy our lovely gift.” She excused herself as Devon and Blake led Dominic to the front yard. They were almost to the black limousine, when Dominic turned to the boys. “I’m in need of your help, boys. Anton is terribly sick and I would like you both to come to Connecticut to help me determine what is ailing him.” “I’m very sorry Anton is sick, but that does not excuse your…” Devon started.
“What Devon is trying to say, Dominic,” Blake interrupted, “is that we are not boys any longer. We have lives here, jobs, commitments, significant others. We can’t just up and leave.”
“Yes, I see you’ve hooked up with a lively bunch of hooligans. Eating at a table with witches and werewolf swine. How could you? So what, you with your Darby girl, and you with the werewolf crossbreed creature? Both witches, I presume?”
“Yes. I am with Rowan, but you don’t understand, Dominic,” Blake said.
Dominic’s eyes grew large. “How despicable, boy! Didn’t I teach you anything? Didn’t you listen to a word I told you? Your mother must be turning in her grave in shame. We are a family of noble vampire blood. What a disgrace to your heritage. Vile. Disgusting!”
“That’s enough, Dominic. You are wrong about werewolves, like many are wrong about vampires. You are mistaken…” Devon defended.
“How dare you? I am a professor of science. I most definitely am not mistaken. I saw, with my own two eyes, the horrific act of a werewolf. They are animals, not people.”
“You’re wrong, Dominic, very wrong. These are good and decent people. They’ve risked their lives for us on numerous occasions…” Blake tried to explain.
“Don’t bother explaining, Blake. He won’t change his mind. He has his view, and that is the only view he’ll ever see,” Devon said.
“I see your manners have been severely degraded by the company you keep. I demand you come to Connecticut immediately. Maybe you’ll find your manners there and remember your place in society.”
“I’m not leaving. Not for you and most definitely not for Anton,” Devon said.
“Oh, grow up, boy. That was ages ago. Let bygones be bygones already. I won’t take no for an answer. You will both march in there, pack your things, and come home.”
Connecticut is not our home. This is our home, Oljone , California. Right here, with a bunch of great friends who are waiting for us to continue our Thanksgiving feast,” Devon said as he turned and headed back to the house.
“Wait, Devon,” Blake said. Devon stopped and slowly turned. “Dominic, won’t you please join us for dinner. Get to know these people. They are family to us.”
Devon said, “Don’t bother wasting your breath, Blake. Like I said, he’s already made up his mind about them.”
“It’s Thanksgiving. You said yourself, Devon. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family, friends and loved ones. Dominic and Anton are our only blood relatives.”
“Fine. You’re right, Blake, I did say that. Dominic, would you please join us for dinner?”
“Thank you for the offer but no. I can’t. No, I won’t sit at a table with two werewolves. I am staying at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco. Here are your tickets. We are leaving at 10:50 AM tomorrow. I expect to see you on the plane.” He handed each of them a first class ticket.
“Whoa, wait a minute. I can’t go, Dominic. I have to work. I have a project due, deadlines, I just can’t up and leave,” Blake insisted.
“Fine, you will join us when you are done with your commitments.” “I’m not going either, Dominic. This is my home, here with Darby. There is no love lost between Anton and me. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see me any more than I want to see him. I’m sorry he’s sick, but for God’s sake, he’s a vampire, he’ll heal. I’m sure he will be fine.”
“No, Devon. He won’t. He is rapidly declining. You must help me. I demand that you help me.”
“You demand that I help you? There’s nothing I can do for him. I’m not a doctor; you are. I’m a software engineer. So is Blake. What could we possibly do for him?”
“You’re his family. You can be his family. Maybe he will confide in you.”
“What makes you think if he hasn’t confided in you, that he would do such a thing with me or Blake?”
“Because…you are his age. You speak his language. You’re more understanding, like your mother.”
“Not where he’s concerned,” Devon muttered under his breath.
“You must do this!” Dominic yelled and turned red in the face, pounding a fist into his other hand, tears welling in his ferociously angry eyes.
Blake said, “Hang on, now. You both need to cool off a bit. Dominic, you’re going to blow a gasket. Relax. Devon if Darby went with you to Connecticut, would you be willing to go and at least talk to Anton? See if maybe he would confide in you? You never know. And if he’s really that sick, don’t you think one of us should be there? We’re family, after all.”
“If Darby were politely invited to come, and treated appropriately, yes, I may consider going to Connecticut.
“Dominic, would you be willing to accept Darby as a guest in your home, treating her as such, for Devon.
He mulled this over, taking longer than Devon would have liked, but he reluctantly agreed.
“As long as her mutant sister does not come. Yes, I would accept the witch as a guest in my home providing she behaves in a proper manner.”
“What the he…” Devon started. Blake saw he was about to blow his top and interrupted.
“See, I knew this could be worked out. Now, would you at least join us for a glass of champagne and invite Darby properly, Dominic?”

Dominic grumbled and nodded.

About the Author: T. Lynne Tolles

T. Lynne Tolles can be found most days, juggling one of two cat muses and a laptop, tripping over an ancient Newfoundland dog and washing a never-ending pile of laundry. When life doesn’t get in the way, she writes paranormal romances for new adults.

Her passion for witches, ghosts, and vampires together with a light-hearted wit are reflected in her loveable characters and the adventures of mystery they unravel to find their happily ever after.
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Knockdown by Brenda Beem

By Brenda Beem

 A sail boat can tip over and come back up again. Sailors call this a knockdown.

In eighteen hours a mega tsunami will hit the Pacific Coast. It will leave in its wake massive destruction and the threat of an ice age.   Sixteen-year-old Toni, her brothers, and their friends race the clock as they sail Toni’s family boat far out to sea. They must get beyond where the wave crests, or the boat will be crushed.   Without their parents to guide them, the reluctant crew improvises. Romances bloom and tempers flare. There is no privacy. Cell phones won’t work. The engine breaks down. They are running out of time.   Even if they survive the wave, there is nowhere in this ravaged world to go. When disaster strikes, it is up to Toni to find the strength to lead the crew when her brothers cannot.      

Author Bio:

I am an only child and growing up books were my best friends. My love of literature and the Pacific Northwest continued at the University of Washington where I earned a degree in English. I began sailing with friends when my children were small, and continue to sail the inland waters of the Puget Sound. When I'm not with family, friends, or writing groups, I'm sailing, kayaking, or boating on the waters of the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. I also like to hike the many trails on the lake and near my cabin.



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Ringmaster by @TrudiJaye

Paranormal Romance
Date Published: May 28, 2014

Roll up! Roll up! Join us for the greatest show on Earth! 

The magical Jolly Carnival is the only life Rilla Jolly knows—and it’s all falling apart around her. Just as she’s thrust into the role of Ringmaster after her father’s unexpected death, an old family friend turns up to challenge her birthright.

Her rival's sexy son Jack isn’t helping either. Despite being a greenhorn and an outsider, he’s intent on charming everyone, convincing them that Rilla isn’t up to the task. It’s not going to be easy to persuade the Carnival folk she’s still the best choice to lead them all.
But Rilla must also contend with another threat—the ongoing sabotage that has been disturbing their delicate magical balance and threatening to destroy the Carnival. All signs point to an insider, making it impossible to know who to trust.

To save her beloved Carnival, Rilla must do everything in her power to find the saboteur before they attack again—but if she takes her eye off the battle for Ringmaster for even a second, she risks losing the one thing she’s trained for her entire life. 


I wasn't really sure I'd like this book, I mean I have some super serious clown fear afterall! Clowns usually can be found at carnivals...right? BUT I had this crazy urge to read this, and I'm glad that I did! 

I really could not put this book down. It was fun, interesting, and well written. My only real complaint is that it ended! I can't wait to see what Trudi Jaye has in store for us in the next one!

Trudi Jaye

I’ve always loved books, and the stories they bring to life in my head. I’ve always had an overactive imagination as well, and distinctly remember sitting at the base of the big oak tree at school when I was a kid, building houses for the fairies, telling their stories as I went.
Born and raised in New Zealand, I have also lived in the UK, US, and Denmark. I love to meet new people; it’s a fantastic way to gain exposure to new ideas and cultures and, of course, to get story ideas. 

For the last ten years I’ve been a magazine writer, and currently I get to write about innovative and cutting-edge research for a tertiary institution in New Zealand. It’s an inspiring job, talking to people about their passion, and I try to tell their stories in the best possible way. 

I live in a secluded haven amongst the trees in Auckland with my lovely husband and cheeky three-year-old daughter. I enjoy yoga, although I’m not very bendy, and karate, although I don’t like the idea of hitting anyone. It’s about pushing my boundaries, and both those activities are physical, in a way that my work as a writer isn’t.  
I’ve worked as a camp counsellor, a waitress, a checkout girl, a citizenship officer and an editor. But none of those jobs compares to being able to call myself a writer.