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Blog Tour and Guest Post: Eternal Revelations

Adult Apocalyptic Thriller
Date Published: 8/12/12

As Hell reins terror on the earth, can one child bring back humanity and defeat the Devil himself? After millions of people vanish and the dead rise to spread plague over the Earth, 23 year-old Evelyn and her brother join with a small group as they fight for survival. As the plague spreads and the number of  the Reanimated rise in humans and animals alike, there isn’t anything man made that is strong enough to hold them off. When Evelyn and her group find one of the only children left on Earth—an Autistic child—the Devil begins lurking in the darkness, following their every move. The remaining children are the only chance the human race has at defying the plans the Anti-Christ holds. Of all the horrors 

the Earth now holds, none are comparable to how treacherous the living become once their humanity is thrown out the window. Evelyn realizes survival isn’t just fighting for your life but fighting for your humanity in a world of terror. Join the journey fight for survival against the undead and beasts released straight from the pits of Hell.

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About the Writer:
Candis Vargo grew up on an old dirt road where her imagination ran wild. She lives in Rome, 
Pennsylvania where she raises her three children and is married to her High-School-Sweetheart. She’s a cowgirl boot wearing, xbox playing, zombie addicted lady.

Contact Info :

My Thoughts:
I seem to be on an "end of the world" kick! This one is a solid tale of good vs. evil. Evelyn is one tough cookie, and she can handle almost anything. If you've been to my blog more than once you know that I am gaga over a tough heroine! I'm not a big fan of the wall flower, willowy, need a man to save the day, types. Evelyn is not this. THANK YOU Candis Vargo!

The story itself, while not exactly a new thread on the end of the world, it is however still very riveting. I enjoyed the journey and definitely enjoyed the characters. The writing was good and the pace was steady. I definitely enjoyed reading it!

The Hardest Thing about Character Development:

Characters make books. Why read a book if you don’t like the characters? I’m not saying you have to like them all, but for the most part the main character is one you’re able to identify with and you like. When you’re creating a character, there’s so much more to it than just a name and a face.
Creating what the character looks like is the easiest part for me. I can come up with their looks easier than I can come up with their names. Some people will make a chart and write out everything about their characters from their looks, to their fears. That’s where I’m different.
I like to see the character progress. I like to get to know them as I’m writing and learn what they’d to in a certain situation. As my writing grows, so does my character. They go from a name, a face and an attitude to a person with likes, dislikes, and fears.
The hardest part for me is making sure I’m keeping it all real. When writing a scene I try to think of everything about that characters personality and do my best to write the next part as though that person was my best friend and I knew exactly what they would do. Even with the characters voice, I try to keep it as realistic to life and that character as I can. I’ll find myself deleting over and over a phrase I want a certain character to say until I get it just right for their personality and in the tone they would use.
I want my characters to make the reader feel like they either do see a part of themselves in that character, or know someone who they can see in that character. They need to be just like you. They need hopes, dreams, fears and even flaws. Maybe I’m a little over zealous with trying to keep my characters all as realistic and believable as I can, but that’s what is the hardest part for me.
Everyone is different and everyone has their own ways of coming up with their characters. I can guarantee you my way wouldn’t work for many people. But watching my character grow throughout the story and getting to know them with each page makes me able to build my characters more realistic than if I were to just write down any random flaw or favorite for that character. But that’s just me. I’ve also never been one to stick right on with my original plot.

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