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Blog Tour: Recruitz

RecruitZ flash sale during the event! Only $.99!


 Scientists are the new rock stars. The infection has been contained for several months, and the world is celebrating. But humans are still dying. Rebekah Taylor has seen it firsthand. Her husband was killed right in front of her by the very creatures that humans were told they no longer had to fear.

Rebekah is determined to find out who is responsible for the death of her husband and the obvious cover-up. Fueled with revenge, she begins to find answers that lead to one frightening conclusion. The apocalypse might be over, but the battles are just beginning.

My Thoughts:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE zombies, so of course this book sounded awesome! Throw in some good story telling, a fresh idea about what the world looks like AFTER zombies, and a kick @ss main character and you have the formula for Melissa Approval! 

So Rebekah survived the zombie plague, and found the love of her life. She started getting settled in her new situation, when BOOM a group of zombies attacks and kills her love. :( Not nice, but sets the stage for a super duper revenge plot! Rebekah turns all bad ass and starts to look into HOW this could have happened, which leads her down some very interesting roads.

Zombie fights, mysterious and smexy menfolk, and a very shady group that are all somehow involved in the attack all make this a book that will hold you close and never lets you go. There is so much going on but nothing seems overwhelming or ridiculous. I know I was riveted to the book and stayed up probably later than was good for me! When this book is over you (and I) will want more!  Which is why I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series, and you should too!

Author Info:

Karice lives in Washington with her wonderful husband, who also happens to be her high school sweetheart and their two cute English bulldogs! She enjoys reading, baking, and trying to be crafty on her off-hours. She's also a coffee, tea, and snow addict. If she could live somewhere that had the white stuff year-round, she probably would. She also loves chatting with her readers on Facebook!

Her books include:

  • The Witch Avenue Series (Lonely Souls, Altered Souls, Released Souls, and Shattered Souls)
  • Beyond Love Series (Beyond Control, Beyond Doubt, Beyond Reason)
  • Watchers Trilogy (Taken, Awakening, Legions, Cataclysm)
  • Afterworld Series (RecruitZ)
  • The Camp
Author's Links:

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Blog Tour: A Love Unfinished

A Love Unfinished
Clans of Fire, Book One


Genre: Paranormal erotic romance

Dragons only want what’s theirs, however it is that they get it.
Over two decades ago, an attack on The Clan of Cobalt left families of dragons in ruins; now, with the clans able to start rebuilding their lives, history is beginning to rewrite, one dragon and one mate at a time…
Dani Heartview spent a year running from the past she can’t forget and it’s about to catch up in the form of Holden Levy. When he suddenly disappeared, she was devastated, but now he’s back. Even if she can’t deny their connection, the man who returned is vastly different from the one who left.

With Holden’s secrets uncovered, the Alpha dragon inside the man is demanding for its mate to be claimed, but there’s danger lurking close by. Still, his abandonment is a monster she can’t shake. Can she forgive to restart their life, and if she does, can Dani handle exactly what it means to be a dragon’s mate?

Buy Links:

Authors Bio: 


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover, and mother of two young sons, two cats, and two dogs. 

With a fulltime job, her children underfoot, animals at her side, and a spouse calling over his 

shoulder, she is nearly always writing something…when she can find the time.


Get away from me,” I hissed. “You have no right to be here.”
Emotion broke through on his handsome features, marring it with sadness as my eyes blurred with unshed tears. “Please, Dani…”
Stop saying my name.” My voice was rising to an unhealthy octave. My heart was pounding at a too fast pace. Why would he be here? He had to have known I wouldn’t want him here. “Stop sharing my fucking air. For God sakes, get out of my space, Holden.”
Ouch, man.”
Holden didn’t even glance back at his friend. “Shut up, Duran.” There was a timber in his tone, something else I didn’t recognize from the man standing before me. I felt wetness drip down my cheeks. “Oh, Dani, please don’t cry…I didn’t come here to make you cry, baby.”
Baby? “Who in the hel—”
Dani!” Jade was out of the kitchen and rushing over to my side. She barely noted the men or my heartbroken expression. That, or she mistook it for the pain of the coffee spill. “Did you get burned?”
I’m fine.” Those words were the biggest lie I’d ever spoken.
She’s not,” Holden replied quietly. “Could you get a cool cloth and the first aid kit, if you have one?”

I’m fine,” I repeated. “Jade, could you handle these guys, please?”
Dani, wait.”
Holden, I swear to God if you don’t walk out of this place right now and never look back, I will…” I couldn’t finish my sentence because there wasn’t anything I didn’t already feel for him. Hate. Love. Desire. Disgust. I felt all of that. With him being so close, it only served to make me more confused. Defeated, air rushed from my lungs, in a harsh exhale. “Leave, right now.”
Jade appeared lost. “Um…okay, I’m going to grab the first aid. You’re going to stay here and sit down.”
Duran smiled at Jade when no one responded. “Thanks, sweetheart.”  
Holden hadn’t taken his eyes off me. When he moved forward, I backed up. “Don’t come any closer. I don’t want you near me.”
Agony pulled Holden’s full lips into a frown. “Let me explain.”
I told you this wouldn’t be the best place to approach her,” Duran said. “We should have waited.”
We don’t have that kind of time.”
Why haven’t you left?” I asked, feeling a seething rage beginning to take over my initial shock and pain. “Have I not made it clear enough yet that you’re not welcomed?”
You made it clear.” Holden’s gaze flickered up to the ceiling, a tick showing in his strong jaw. “But it’s not that simple. One minute, Dani. That’s all I’m asking for. After all we were, don’t you owe me that?”
Owe you?” My hands trembled. The sudden burst of fury and courage that swept over me was all consuming. I stepped up to him and slammed my fist into his chest. Holden barely flinched and the action hurt me a great deal more than it must have him, but emotional pain registered in his eyes. “I owe you. Are you fucking insane? You left me, Holden. Left me in Tennessee with nothing. Not a goddamned explanation, not a goodbye…nothing!”
I hit him in the chest again, disbelief coursing through me. “How could you ever say that I owe you after everything you did to me? I waited for months. I called your phone every day. I texted, emailed, and left messages until your inbox was full. You could have been dead if not for that stupid note. I defended you when it was clear you didn’t want me anymore … Once, Holden. All you had to do was answer me back just once! You up and walked away from me, from our home, and our life without a single care in the world. And you have the audacity to say that I owe you anything?”
Do not…” he growled, face suddenly mere inches from mine, “…say that I just walked away from you, Dani. I never would have walked away from you like that had I been given the choice. Ever.”
His response only served to fuel my rage. “Well, excuse me for living. What would you call me waking up to an empty house, with a note on the counter, and no you to be seen again, exactly?”
Anger clouded his face. “What did that note say, Dani?”
Holden, calm down.” Duran was up off the bench, a hand on his friend’s shuddering arm. Rippling tension flowed between the men, but my former lover and fiancĂ© didn’t register the one person attempting to help the situation. No, his focus was solely on me. “Come on, we’ll do this another time.”
You won’t do it ever again,” I spat hatefully.
Yes, I will. I have to. I can’t be me without you.” That confession struck me like a knife in the chest, the blade twisting painfully. Holden breathed deeply, the fight suddenly gone from his body as quickly as it came. “I will always come back for you. I lo—”
No, you don’t. You never did. If you had, this…” I said with a wave at us, “…wouldn’t have happened.”

My Review:
Alrighty, I'll just state the obvious and say that this isn't my usual choice for a read. I read the  blurb and was intrigued so I went for it. Jumped right on in, and that is how this book starts out. The story just starts. It took a bit to get used to, but looking back I really liked that. There wasn't a heafty info dump at the beginning you just are let into Dani's life and you're off to a running start. 

I was even surprised by how much I enjoyed the Dragon aspect. Dragons are just cool so this was a unique take on that! I have to say I have very little to complain about with this one. The writing is tight, the characters were interesting and vivid, and the plot just times it was smoking hot and at others it was riveting! 

I had fun reading it and would definitely check out the rest of the series! 

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Blog Tour: Shifty Magic

Shifty Magic
by Judy Teel

...some people will do anything for revenge.

A tough PI struggles to track down a vengeful serial killer only to discover that the murderer holds the key to her secret magical heritage.

Book One in the YA13 paranormal/mystery series Dangerous Magic by Judy Teel. "Expect action, on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense, and the perfect touch of romance."


Resting my right hand on my gun, I poked the yellow button of my office door’s remote with my left index finger. My muscles tightened for action as the thick metal barrier swung ponderously open with a long-suffering hiss of hydraulics.

Cooper’s curious gaze swept over me and around the room. Wizard’s attention swept over Cooper. When the two of them locked eyes, the Were tensed and the cat started purring. Wizard rose to her feet and arched her back in a luxurious stretch, her focused attention never leaving the Were.

He was dressed for work, which in the FBI world meant black slacks and shoes, crisp white dress shirt, black jacket and a tie. The tie was bright yellow with a picture of Bugs Bunny on it.

He narrowed his luminous silver-green gaze on my cat, and then landed it back on me. “You should check your video readout before opening the door,” he said with that kind of authoritative sternness that inspired people like me to do the opposite.

I frowned at him. “What do you want?”

To hire you. But first I need your alibi.”

It’s too early for alibis,” I said, taking a sip of coffee to cover my surprise. As far as I knew, I hadn’t done anything obviously illegal. At least, not lately.

He glided into my office in that graceful, menacing way Weres had, and I buzzed the door closed. Despite looking barely old enough to buy a beer, Cooper radiated energy and purpose like the sun did heat. As the door clicked shut, he filled the space making the bread-box size of my office feel more like a matchbox.

His expression sobered as he eased himself gingerly onto one of the spindly folding chairs. “Where were you last night between the hours of eleven and one?”

I live in North Carolina with my boisterous family–husband, three kids, a dog and a geriatric bunny–and yup, I’m Southern so occasionally I let a “y’all” slip out. Maybe more than occasionally.

I love my job and dedicate as much of my time to writing as I can. When I’m not doing the weaving of the adventurous and romantic tales, I’m running errands, driving people around (or crazy depending on your perspective), and generally pretending I’m a grownup.

When I was fifteen, I knew I wanted to be a novelist–wanted to write for Harlequin actually. But the calling to tell stories came a lot earlier than that, I just didn’t know what it meant.

I had a lot of growing up to do before I could manage it, though many would claim the growing up part didn’t take--you know who you are--but I finally have my dream job.

Life rocks—so should the books you read!

Author Links:

Buy Links:

Shifty Magic for Kindle:

Tour Schedule:

February 4: Reading In Twilight
February 11: My Devotional Thoughts
February 11: Long and Short Reviews
February 18: Simply Ali
February 25: WriterAshleyL
March 4: Reviews Unleashed
March 11: Corey's Book Reviews
March 11: Dalene's Book Reviews

My Review:

Quick, fun, and sassy read that will entertain you. I really liked the main character. Addison is not a ground breaking character, but she is VERY fun! I have always had a soft spot for sarcastic female characters, so she's definitely "my type."

Cooper was just enough of a bad boy and just enough of a temptation to keep things spicy. Addison and Cooper certainly sparked on the page, and that was another interesting plus about this book. The chemistry between them was kind of familiar, but it's familiar for a reason. It's a good familiar.

The plot is pretty tightly written. Again, this isn't ground breaking, but I gobbled it up and enjoyed myself. Not a single, solitary dull moment of hum drum. Just excellent storytelling and a fun time reading.

I will definitely read the second book in this series when I can get my hands on it! I can't wait to see what else happens in Addison's world!


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A Winter's Respite Read-A-Thon: Goals and Updates (STICKY POST)

Here be my goals for this read-a-thon! I will also rub maple syrup on this post and make it all sticky so I can use this as my update post for the whole thing! Good job with the logic, Melissa! *self fives*

So what shall I be reading? Good question!

Not my typical selections, but should be fun. I have a nice stack of other books I may try to get to if I finish these first!


Monday Jan. 27th
Book: Shifty Magic, A Love Unfinished
Pages: 165 pages
Finished: 1 book (Shifty Magic)

Tuesday Jan. 28th
Book:  A Love Unfinished, Recruitz
Total Pages: 423 pages
Finished: 2 books (Shifty Magic, A Love Unfinished)

Weds. Jan. 29th:
Finished Recruitz
Snow storm kind of messed me up on tracking pages and updating! I'll fix this later :)

Thursday Jan. 30th:
Book: How to Love
Total Pages: ??
Finished: 3 books!!!!! Shifty Magic, A Love Unfinished, and Recruitz!

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Blitz: Stealing Luca's Heart

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 12/30/2013

   Just what is going on at the Tetari farm in New Zealand? First her father is injured in a suspicious hunting accident, now someone is after the Tetari family and their land. With the help of charismatic businessman and eldest son, Luca Tetari, Ally Edwards is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. As passion flares and love blooms, Ally and Luca search for the answers in Ellie Lyons’ romantic suspense novel, Stealing Luca’s Heart, Book 1 of her new, contemporary series.

When Ally Edwards’ father, Cal, is injured in a suspicious hunting accident in New Zealand, she takes leave from her job as a University of Iowa economics instructor to rush down to be at her father’s bedside. When she arrives, she finds herself hosted by her father’s friends, the Tetari family, who welcome her into their home.
Luca Tetari, the eldest son, is not only a businessman in the family corporation, but also the team captain of the All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team. Luca is the consummate player, skillful on the pitch and off, indulging his fans and beguiling everyone around him. But as she gets to know him, Ally discovers that Luca is far deeper as a person than his surface charm would indicate, and soon she finds herself falling in love.
But while Ally and Luca are realizing their new affections, the Tetari family and their land are under attack by unknown assailants. With a new “green” energy project in development, who is trying to take over their property, and how? Does this have anything to do with Cal’s injury? After all, if someone has hurt one person, mightn’t that same individual be willing to injure—or even kill—additional people to achieve his or her goals?

Ellie Lyon

Purchase Links:



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Spotlight: Year of the Billionaire Boxed Set

Year of the Billionaire Boxed Set
                                                               K.C. Falls  
                                              Genre: Erotic New Adult Romance
**New Box Set Release--Year of the Billionaire Trilogy--Limited time offer. Buy a bundle to save a bundle.**
 Knowing His Secret, Taking His Risk and Keeping His Promise are all wrapped into one steamy adventure and available now at great savings!  

Knowing His Secret--the scorching beginning to Raina and Tristan's affair. He looked like the kind of man even my mother would call smokin' hot. Eventually, she did. He felt like the kind of man who didn't just break the rules, but made new ones. He led and it was follow or get out of the way. Why did a billionaire with a voice like liquid silk and a face like a bad angel take a second look at a girl in no-name jeans, with a fifteen-dollar haircut and a beat up car she calls her "Eep" because the 'J' fell off long ago? I didn't want to know why and when I thought I knew I didn't want to admit it. By the time I found his secret, it was already too late. His passion had me hooked like a drug. It didn't hurt that he pulled the people I love the most out of harm's way. A girl can get used to a knight in shining armor even when the armor has some very large dents in it.  

Taking His Risk--the second installment, full of suspense and surprises. I was hurtling across the ocean, a mile high, destination unknown. I'd brought a passport and nothing else. He seemed determined to make everything in my life brand new. He revealed me, peeling back layer after layer until all that was left was my raw intimate core. Yet, I hardly knew him. Crazy is a pretty good word for the kind of uncertainty that comes with a man like Tristan King. I never knew what the day would bring, but I began to expect surprises. That was the biggest problem. Managing my expectations with a man who'd told me I couldn't have any. For a regular girl, falling for a man like him was taking a very big chance. Was it really possible to love one day at a time?

Keeping His Promise--the soulful and satisfying conclusion to a journey of discovery, danger and delight. Just carrying a million dollars around is exhausting. Paying my mother's ransom was a relief but I had too much time to think about Tristan on that ferry ride. He was more than I had dared hope for and less than I deserved. I underestimated his power and didn't give him nearly enough credit for determination. He had me on his jet again, flying high and wanting him. Consequences be damned. Who could be prepared for what he had to say? I wasn't going to hold him to the promise he intended to keep. When he opened the heavy door to his heart we both knew it would change what we had. Trouble is, I still didn't have a word for what it is we had. Our bodies tended to do all the talking. Sometimes, it seemed to me there wasn't much left to say.  

Excerpt: (from part one—Knowing His Secret)
"Do you do that often? Run around naked?" I couldn't help it. He leapt into my imagination--all golden skin and hair against a background of forest that matched his eyes.  

"As much as I can," he grinned devilishly at me and caught me blushing, again. 

"What can I fix you to drink?"

"Whatever you're having's fine."  

He cocked an eyebrow at me and began mixing away while I vainly tried to push the image of his nakedness to the back of my mind. He brought me a glass and sat beside me on the sofa. He sat close enough so that his knee was touching my thigh as he turned to clink glasses with me.  

"To the play!"

  "Break a leg," I answered. I took a nice healthy swig of the pale green drink Tristan had made for us. I nearly choked. It was very tart and very, very strong. "What the hell is this?" I finally managed to gasp out.  

He threw his head back and laughed. "It's a Kamikaze. Vodka, triple sec and a little Rose's lime juice. You don't have to drink it."

 "No, that's okay . . . it's growing on me," I told him as I took another swallow. The warmth from his knee against me and the spreading heat from the alcohol were about to make the idea of pride go up in smoke. He took his finger and ran it around my jaw line up to my ear where he traced the outline delicately and tapped my simple hoop earring so that it swayed in the lobe. I pulled my breath in deeply.

  "You're certainly growing on me . . ." The suggestive line belonged in a script. I tried to think of a snappy retort and came up empty. He was intoxicating in spite of the predictable moves. There wasn't anything inherently wrong with being rich, handsome and full of yourself, I rationalized. But, if I went for it, I'd have some long awkward weeks ahead of me until the play ran its course. That, and I'd have the rest of the cast, plus those catty bitches to deal with. I'd have 'used' tattooed on my forehead. The men would pity me and the girls would laugh at me.

Buy Links:

Author bio:  

K.C. Falls is a native of New York. While studying at Columbia University, she met a kindred spirit and together they found a way to trade life in the Big Apple for one in Big Sky country. Much as she loves the city life, she’s never regretted the move. Her small Montana ranch is home to a menagerie of animals including that special human male she shamelessly uses for inspiration. Her tales are sharp-edged stories with strong sexy heroes and the women they can't resist. K.C.’s homestead is in the southeastern corner of Montana where her great grandmother once lived with her Native American tribe, the Cheyenne. The ‘C’ in ‘K.C.’ stands for that tribe’s name. Once or twice a year, she hires a 'ranch sitter' and takes an urban vacation somewhere hitting all the restaurants, plays, museums and musical performances she can squeeze in. Then it's back to the wide open. K.C. finds time to feed the chickens, study Native Americana and cook incredible food because there isn't a restaurant around for many miles. She writes in between bites.  

Author Links 

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Blog Tour: The House on the Cliff

The House on the Cliff 

 The House on the Cliff

• Paperback: 352 pages
• Publisher: Bourbon Street Books (January 7, 2014)

Jessica Mayhew is a sharp, successful therapist with a thriving practice and loving family. But the arrival of a new client, actor Gwydion Morgan, coincides with a turbulent moment in her life: her husband has just confessed to a one-night stand with a younger woman. The son of a famous stage director, Gwydion is good-looking and talented but mentally fragile, tormented by an intriguing phobia. When Jessica receives a frantic call warning that he is suicidal, she decides to make a house call.
The Morgans live in a grand clifftop mansion overlooking the rocky Welsh coast. It seems to be a remote paradise, but there’s something sinister about it too: Jessica learns that the family’s former au pair drowned in the bay under mysterious circumstances. In her quest to help Gwydion, to whom she’s grown increasingly attached, Jessica becomes ensnared in the Morgan family mystery, which soon becomes an explosive public scandal—one that puts her directly in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Jessica is doing her best to keep her marriage and family together, but her growing attraction to Gwydion is impossible to ignore.
Smart, stylish, and suspenseful, The House on the Cliff announces the arrival of a winning female protagonist in Jessica Mayhew and an exciting new crime writer in Charlotte Williams.

About Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Williams

After studying philosophy in college, Charlotte Williams went on to work as an arts journalist, writing for newspapers and magazines, and making documentaries for the BBC. She now works in radio drama, writing original plays and adaptations.

Visit Charlotte at her website.

My Thoughts:

Hmm, well let's see. This book took a while to get into. It's what I guess can be called a slow burning book. I enjoyed the fine details and character development, so no complaints there at all! I love when I can feel like a character is a living breathing person and not just a character on a page.

The story centers on therapist Jessica Mayhew, a character I immediately enjoyed. She's a normal person. She's not the best therapist, but she's darn good. She's just someone that I could instantly click with, yet still feel compelled to learn more.

I do think that character development is where this book shines. Jessica, Gwydion, his parents, Jessica's family all shine and show careful crafting. I have a soft spot for books with characters like this.

The only part that seemed lacking is where the murder-mystery aspect comes in. It's a solid mystery, but it seemed a bit pushed to be suspenseful and not actually so.  This is a first book in a series, so   hopefully the kinks get worked out in future books. This definitely has a great deal of potential.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cover Reveal: The Transmigration of Cora Riley


Urban Fantasy
Date to be Published: 3/4/2014

Average family. Average job. Average existential crisis.

After thirty boring years, nothing about Cora Riley’s life has measured up to her childhood dreams of being truly extraordinary. It’s too bad that the night she decides to seek out her specialness she crashes on a rural highway.

Cora wakes in the clutches of the Mistress of the underworld who sets her a seemingly impossible quest. If she wants a second chance at life, Cora must find her way through the dozen heavens and return to the castle in three days.

With the help of an unusual guardian angel named Jack and a little boy named Xavier, Cora navigates the afterlife doorfield and quickly learns that gods and monsters are very real indeed. Terrifying and tempting obstacles litter her path; only the power of belief – in the Otherworld, in her companions, and in herself – will return her to the land of the living.


Face hot with anger, Cora takes a few shaky steps forward, looking anywhere but at the eyes that see through her. The orc guards, previously slouching and entertained by the spectacle of her humiliation, become suddenly alert and close rank in front of the dais. The Mistress smirks from behind them, almost daring her to come closer. 

“You know I’m right, my lady,” she says, taking another, more determined step. “The legends are all the same. The ruler of the underworld makes a bargain with the hero, sets him some monumental task in exchange for a second chance, and then has to keep their promise when the hero succeeds.” She takes another step forward. The guards cross their weapons into a barrier between her and the Mistress. Cora just smiles; it widens the split inside her cheek, but she doesn’t care. She holds out her arms and gestures grandly around the throne room. “And since I don’t see anyone else here asking for a ticket back to civilization, I guess that makes me the hero. And you owe me a quest.”

Ellie Di Julio is a nomadic writer currently living in Hamilton, Ontario with her Robert Downey, Jr. lookalike husband and their three cats. Between nerd activities like playing Dungeons & Dragons or watching Top Gear, she enthusiastically destroys the kitchen and tries to figure out what it's all about, when you really get down to it. She also writes urban fantasy novels riddled with pop culture references and sexy secret agents.

Her first novel, Inkchanger, could easily be considered Forgotten Relics #0, and as such, rewards readers of the rest of the series, sort of like watching Thor before The Avengers. Her second novel, Time & Again with Kyeli Smith, has nothing to do with super powers or secret agents but is very cool nonetheless.

Author Newsletter:

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dead Plains by Angela Scott
(blurb from goodreads)

Sometimes, the ones you least suspect are the ones that should worry you the most.

People aren’t always what they seem, as Red has experienced all too well. Strangers are feared, towns are avoided, and everyone’s intentions are scrutinized… even those of the people closest to her. Her coveted ability has been revealed to far too many people, and now that a tiny heartbeat thumps and grows beneath her own, the risk has never been greater.

As the group of ten searches for a safe haven, a place to finally call home, the sobering reality of it all finally settles over them: nowhere is safe, nothing is permanent, and death is everywhere. One by one, Red’s reluctant posse grows smaller, as death claims some, and circumstance claims others.

It couldn’t be a worse time to bring a newborn into the world… but the baby is coming.

 I love love love this series! I surely do! My love burned ever more brightly when I got my mitts on this installment. When the last book left off things were so bleak, and in this one ..well things don't get super better. There are brief moments where the crew (and the reader) are allowed to breathe. That pacing is what makes this such an amazing series. Angela Scott really knows how to set up scenes and then bowl you over with various bowling balls of emotions. 

So....many...emotions...SO MANY!

I was nervous for Red. I legit was terrified that her pregnancy would go so so badly. I have to admit to thinking that Madam Scott would squick us all out and  make the babies gnaw through her belly to get out. EEEECK! (okay i have to admit being sick enough to think that would have been fun, but BAD for Red obvs.) 

I cried during a few scenes, with actual tears of salt and water. They flowed majestically down my face as I read parts of this book. Some things happen, man. Some really really not good things. *trying to avoid the spoilers* I think Angela must secretly write for The Walking Dead because she likes to make us love things then takes them away. The whole time she's taking those things away, she's making us love her for it too, which is sick Mrs. Scott. Sick! 

Okay so this was the last book in this series, which made me have so many sads. There was so much going on in this book though, that I am sufficiently okay with the way things wrapped up. I, again, won't spoilerize anything, but it was definitely a good ending. The tension that was built throughout the whole series didn't let up, until the curtain was closing on our friends, and that was how I wanted it to be. Even though I was so sad to see them go and the story end, I had such a wonderful (yet emotionally devasting) time with them.

Good show ma'am! Good show!