Friday, April 19, 2013

READATHON: Totally Random but I Can't Resist

blogaversary readathon
 There is a read-a-thon that is going on this weekend (click the cute button)! It's a u random, no rules, just reading one. So you know I'm there!

This be mah stack of lovin's! I don't work tomorrow so this is going to be AWESOME!

I'm gonna update on here so as not to clutter up, but I'm ready to PARTAY!

but read....

Update Friday: 7am CST-ALL DAY
Book: Storm Front
Pages Read:66 pages
Notes: I got so so very distracted by the stuff that was going on in Watertown yesterday. I kept watching the news, then took a nap, then back to the news. So now that (THANKFULLY) all that is over, today I can focus on reading.

Update Saturday:
Book: Storm Front
Pages (started on 66)

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