Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog Tour: Kirby Puckernut

Kirby Puckernut is Santa's cleverest little elf. While dreaming up marvelous toys for good girls and boys, Kirby has his best idea yet - a real elf in every home, all through the holidays, spreading Christmas Magic! Santa finds the perfect family and allows Kirby to serve as the test elf for the first momentous visit. Fun and adventure are at every turn, but not everything goes as planned...

Will Kirby's idea be a success?


This is the  beautifully illustrated story of one bright elf and his magical idea for spreading Christmas cheer. My son (he's 8) loved the artwork and decided that he wanted a Kirby of his own. We sat and read this book out loud and loved it! It's cute, sweet, and a fun holiday book for kids ages 6 and up. I think this will be a great addition to any family's holiday reading!

Awesome Book Trailer:

Kirby Puckernut Facebook Page

Purchase the Book

Additionally, Alicia Richardson, author of Kirby Puckernut, hopes that you’ll share in another of her family traditions. Support Kenya Keys as they build educational opportunities in rural Africa. For every book sold $1 will be donated to Kenya Keys. Kenya Keys provides scholarships, builds schools and libraries, and creates leadership opportunities in an area where learning is as treasured as water. Kenya Keys has been helping African youth via educational outreach since 2005.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cover Reveal: The Midnight Spell

Cover designed by Phatpuppy Art.

The Midnight Spell - Publication date: February, 2013

Best friends since kindergarten, Adam and Christy have always been the perpetual outsiders in their small town in Texas.  The other kids call Adam gay and Christy a witch.

On both counts the bullies are right.

Their junior year in high school seems destined to be the same old same old until Christy decides to cast a love spell for Adam at the midnight hour. The next day an alluring and mysterious boy enrolls at school and sets hearts a flutter, including Adam’s. Meanwhile, Christy’s mad crush on the handsome football player Ian seems to be going nowhere fast and her witch puberty is making her life miserable.

When a great evil arrives in town that threatens everything they hold dear, the best friends realize that finding a boyfriend is the least of their worries. Soon Adam and Christy will have to battle a force of darkness that has killed in their town before, and will again.

Rhiannon Frater:
Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy (The First Days, Fighting to Survive, Siege,) and the author of three other books: the vampire novels Pretty When She Dies and The Tale of the Vampire Bride and the young-adult zombie novel The Living Dead Boy and the Zombie Hunters. Inspired to independently produce her work from the urging of her fans, she published The First Days in late 2008 and quickly gathered a cult following. She won the Dead Letter Award back-to-back for both The First Days and Fighting to Survive, the former of which the Harrisburg Book Examiner called ‘one of the best zombie books of the decade.’ Rhiannon is currently represented by Hannah Gordon of the Foundry + Literary Media agency. You may contact her by sending an email to

Kody Boye:
Kody Boye was born and raised in Southeastern Idaho. Since his initial publication in the Yellow Mama Webzine in 2007, he has gone on to sell nearly three-dozen stories to various markets. He is the author of the short story collection Amorous Things, the novella The Diary of Dakota Hammell, the zombie novel Sunrise and the dark fantasy novel Blood. His fiction has been described as ‘Surreal, beautiful and harrowing’ (Fantastic Horror,) while he himself has been heralded as a writer beyond his years(Bitten by Books.) He currently lives and writes in the Austin, Texas area.
It looks awesome guys! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

What Are You Reading?

This is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila over at BookJourney! Every week she asks us to list and talk about what books we're going to be reading this week. This week I'm going to set a reasonable goal for myself! Ohhh I know that's a shocker! I've usually got lofty goals for my reading but this time I've learned!

To Read:

The Kingmakers is 71/391
The Big Bang is 0/434
Zombie Fallout (nook) is 200/277


The Hobbit from 112 to 171

So them's my plans! I will hopefully finish these! Some of them have bookmarks living in them already, so it's not that bad. Right? :)

What are you reading?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankfully Reading Weekend

"There are no rules to the weekend, we’re simply hoping to devote a good amount of time to reading, and perhaps meeting some of our reading challenges and goals for 2012. We thought it’d be fun if we cheered each other on a bit. If you think you can join in, grab the button  and add your sign in post to the link-up below. If you don’t have a blog, you can sign up the comments!
We’ll also be checking in on Twitter using hashtag #thankfulreading. Join in for the weekend or for only a single day. No rules, no pressure"

I just realized that this was happening NOW! So I signed up! Here's what I hope to accomplish this weekend:

  •  The Hobbit (read-a-long selections)
  • The Big Bang by Linda Joffee Hull
  • The Kingmakers by Clay and Susan Griffith

Update 1: 11/22
Reading the selection from The Hobbit.
DONE! I finished the selection! I'm completely caught up on a read-a-long for a change! WOOT! Doesn't hurt that the book is AMAZEBALLS! lol

 Update 2: 11/23
Reading The Kingmakers by Clay and Susan Griffith
Notes: Still working on this! We took off Mr. T's training wheels yesterday and he did AWESOME! He was so proud of himself that we decided to give him a special treat and let him pick. He chose frozen yogurt, so we had to venture into the "black friday" traffic. It was HELL people! If it wasn't for my boy being so set on the froyo I wouldn't have stepped a foot near the place! So what should have taken an hour tops, put us back a few. :( Lines lines lines...bah!

Challenge Day 2:
For this challenge Jen asks us:

"For today’s challenge, I invite you to write about the book you are most thankful for this year. Is it a book written by one of your favorite authors or one you just happened to come upon?"

This book! I loved it! It was the perfect ending to the series and rocked my socks completely! I cried a little bit (Okay a lot!) and did NOT feel cheated one single bit! Mira Grant kept the awesome going straight up til the end! Definitely one if not THE best books of the year for me!

 Update 3: 11/24
Book: The Kingmakers

Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Still Alive..and What's to Come

Hey guys! I know my blog's been woefully neglected and I DO apologize for that. I've had a very rough week. First I was sick with a coldflutypething, and whilst recouping I did a Veronica Mars marathon..which helped me not drive nails into my skull to relieve the sinus pressure, but also distracted me from things like work and reading/blogging. I mainlined all 3 seasons in like 4 days!

Logan and Veronica FTW!
*my otp* this show gives me all the feels! I cannot even begin to describe how much I love it! :)

So after that was done, then I had to try to get caught up with work and housework because apparently I am the only one in this house that knows how to clean up? I dunno. Things were getting stanky and I cannot handle the stank.

So the parts about what's to come are as such:

  • The Hobbit: have to catch up on the discussion and the reading
  • Finish: The Secret Keeper
  • Finish: Incarceron 
  • Finish: The Kingmakers
  • Finish: Zombie Fallout
  • Fang Girl
  • One Came Home
  • Vlad All Over
 So as you can see I have my work cut out for me this week. I'm not saying I'll get all of the above done, but I will do my best. I'm just hoping to get as close to my goal as possible!

I'm ready!

Monday, November 12, 2012

What are you Reading?

This is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila over at Bookjourney! I love it! I get to add to my wishlist and TBR list and I get to discuss what I am planning on reading this week! So here's mah plans!

This is a "finish up the books" week! I've pretty much started ALL of these and would like to get them done! It's strange because all of them are good, but each in a different way!

Plus, I have the selections from The Hobbit read-a-long that I'm participating in!

Hope your week is full of GREAT books!

Happy Birthday Me! Read-a-thon End Results!

Must Read Faster

I did good! I read 1 book and started on 2 more! I got in a good day of "me time" when my husband took the kidlet to work with him. I will admit to NOT spending a good chunk of that time reading as I should. Instead I watched a Veronica Mars marathon! *I read in between commercials!*

So my totals are as such:
Books Finished: 1
Pages: 451 pages

Not the greatest, but I had a GREAT time for my birthday weekend! It was relaxing. It was lazy. It was fun! And last but not least I ended the weekend by watching The Walking Dead and seeing
I mean seriously?! What more could  a girl want!? Bam! Thanks for making my birthday special!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Me: Readathon Progress Post

Must Read Faster

And here we go! This is my updates post! I figure it's probably better to have just one instead of many! I'll try to update regularly, and don't forget since I got more sign ups than just ..well me I'll be posting a challenge sometime soon!

 And Also...

To Meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Update #1
Book: Vlad All Over by Beth Orsoff

Notes: Started later than I wanted all freaked but then realized that "It's my party and I'll drool on my pillow if I want too....drool if I want too...."
Pages Read: 358
Finished:  Yes! I loved it!

Update #2: 


Book: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher and The Kingmakers by Clay and Susan Griffith
Notes:I'm such a book slut! I started reading Incarceron, then we went to the bookstore and I found the LAST copy of The Kingmakers! I started reading that! Then like the elderly woman I am, I fell asleep at like midnight!
Pages Read:  61 pages (incarceron) + 11 pages (tkm) =72 pages for this update
Finished:  Nope, just 1 so far!

Update #3

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher and The Kingmakers by Clay and Susan Griffith
Pages Read: 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Me: Read-a-thon!

Check this out! Michelle made me a button! thank you! :)

It's almost time y'all! That special time that happens every single year...My birthday! Yup, I know you all have it marked down in your calendars..(well technically you might because it's Veteran's Day) but I know you all have crossed the Veteran's part out and put Melissa over it...right? 

For my birthday this year I am going to do a read-a-thon! I started out thinking it will be a personal one, but then  decided why not invite all y'all nice internet peoples to join me! If more than 3 people join up, I'll even do challenges and prizes! Woot! 

Soo...if  you are interested please sign the linky below. 

  • Readathon starts on November 10th at 5am CST (or whenever
  • Ends on November 11th 11pm CST (or whenever) * i'm all flexible that way*
  • Posting is not required, but would be super cool!
  • I have 1 challenge/prize picked out (so far), so in order to win it/participate  you have to be signed up. 
So mark your calendars!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend Reading

My weekend is gonna be full of reading! I told y'all I"m determined! So here is what's on my agenda for this weekend:

I've joined the read-a-long for the Hobbit, so I'm not reading the whole thing. If you wanna read too just look to your right on my side bar! :)