Monday, July 31, 2017

Wrap Up Post for #HSreadathon

Seasons of Reading

I am satisfied with my reading results here!

  1. The Wars of the Roses by Alison Weir
  2. The Coven by Chrissy Lessey
  3. Elizabeth & Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens by Jane Dunn
  4. Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir
  5. The Women of the Cousin's War by Phillipa Gregory 
And I started reading Henry VIII by J. J. Scarisbrick! Go me! 


  1. Wow, great job!! You read a lot of books for the readathon!

  2. Love the meme!!!! Awesome job with all of your reads!

  3. Well, I'm impressed. Only got to 2 myself. Thinking I would like to read War of the Roses. Would you recommend it?

    1. Yes! It was a very good read and written very well.

  4. You, my friend, did great! That was some heavy reading. I'm assuming all non-fiction? Which ones do you recommend most. I need to add them to my list. I think I own a couple already, and I did read The Women of the Cousin's War. Thanks for joining in again. Hope to see you for FrightFall!


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