Tuesday, July 9, 2013

AD: Rosetta Translation

So the other day, my husband came home and said that he found a rather strange looking paper in a foreign language.  He thought it might be something important, but he didn't know how to read the language. We are native English speakers, with a very small amount of knowledge of foreign languages. We couldn't figure it out so of course we took to the internet to find some way to translate the paper.

So we did a search and found an international translation company that is based in London.  Now they don't offer translation of personal documents, but it's a nifty service if you have any translation service that you need. If I had a company that needed this kind of thing they seem like a great place to work with!  They offer many different translation services and have people skilled in numerous languages!

After bothering a LOT of people, we found someone that could give us a hint as to what the paper said. Basically it was an old business letter, offering to purchase a bit of land in another state. It wasn't the oh so important (i.e-valuable) document that we had hoped it was but it was still pretty cool to find!

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