Sunday, October 23, 2011

Signing Up for Bout of Books

Yes, my children, I have what is called by "professionals" as an "addiction" to readathons! I cannot deny that I do sign up for almost every one I come across! I love them! I look forward to them with giddy glee! So when I saw that this one was coming up I said...."Dewey's Reading Hangover be Damned! I'm joining up!" So here I be! Making my post o' intent!

So this one will go from 12:01am 10/24 through 11:59 pm 10/30 my time (which is CST) and yeah..rock on party peeps! 

This 'thon is using the hashtag #boutofbooks  so look for me spazzing out on the big T! (@lexley)

So...what will I try to read? Good question! I dunno...yet! I hope to get about 3 books finished though!


  1. dang, dang, dang, to sign-up!

  2. Yes, ma' too! The addiction runs long and deep! I have a busy week, what with NaNoWriMo planning, but I'm still diving in. I'm going to be reading anyway and writing books count, right?! Fun times are here again. =O)

    How did you do on Dewey's? I have one word for your on my performance. #fail

  3. I read 2 books and half of two more! LOL


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