Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Read-A-Thon Let's Get Ready To Rumble.......

I am so ready for this thon my face might melt off! I have my stack and tomorrow morning I will replenish my snack and caffeine supplies! I'm ready....

So my stack, which is not set in stone but merely self suggestions...goes as such:

  • Allison Hewitt is Trapped 
  • The Night Eternal
  • God's Eye
  • Frost Moon
  • Blood Rock
  • The Lady of the Rivers
  • Bad Moon 
  • Blood Rights
  • I have a crapton of ebooks on my Nook I may pick from too! 
Those are NOT  set in stone. I just think that I'd love to get at least 5 books read this weekend!
If you have your stack already picked I would LOVE to see what you have put aside for this weekend! Lemme see! :)


    1. See, a crapload of books is exactly what Readathon is about!

    2. I have a couple of stacks set aside too. Now I am working on the snacks and menu. I do need to make a run to buy some chocolate but need to do that Friday if I hope to still have it on Saturday. Good luck and have fun!

    3. I'm working on my stack too right now. I'm including a ton of ebooks, graphic novels, and middle grade reads. Happy reading!


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