Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dewey's Read-a-Thon: 8pm-12am (CST)

14th Update:

Feelings: Getting a bit frazzled, but still reading. Going to stop the hourly updates now and just focus on the reading. I'll post this at midnight and start posting in four hour chunks from then on.
Book: The Night Eternal
Pages Read: 20/371
Time Reading: 45 minutes
Food Stuffs: energy drink and CHOCOLOATE
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End Results:
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15th Update:

Feelings:  sleepy now
Book: The Night Eternal
Pages Read: 41/371
Time Reading: 55minutes
Food Stuffs: chinese foods!
End Results: I think I may be fading a little bit. Im definitely losing steam.
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16th Update
Feelings: Getting very sleepy right about now.
Book: The Night Eternal
Pages Read: /371
Time Reading: NOTHING I Went all off course and watched some tv
Time Socializing:
Food Stuffs:
End Results: I am not doing well at all. I am very tired and thinking I am throwing in the towel! :(
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  1. Sometimes in the later hours I take a quick 30 minute nap, then go outside to walk the dog... and then other times I've crashed and burned and not woken up until Monday. That's readathon for you!

    It's the bump in the night,
    that causes you fright,
    I'm just here
    to spread some cheer


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