Monday, June 27, 2011

What are you Reading? 6/27

To Read:
(going to go lazy with the thin books this week!)
  • Overbite-Meg Cabot (came in the mail yesterday!)
  • The Girl in the Green Raincoat-Laura Lippman
  • Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen-(finish up)
Reviewed Last Week:
Challenges and Events:
  • To The Lighthouse-(read-a-long hosted HERE) *i'm starting early*
Just a teeny tiny request...If you can check out my post about the read-a-thon I am trying to put together and offer up any suggestions or tips, (Or even sign up!) that would be wonderful! Thanks muchly! :) Post can be found HERE


  1. I always start read-alongs early too :P

  2. tnx 4 dropping by my site! did you like Blood Red Road? :)

  3. BRR was really great! It was a bit of a rough start getting used to the way it's written but after that it was AWESOME sauce! I highly recommend it :)

  4. I want to read all of these books!! I am the one who needs to read faster!!! :)


  5. You had a great week. Enjoy your books and have a wonderful week. My Monday:


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