Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Wondering....

Would anyone be interested in a read-a-thon held on the weekend of July 22nd through July 24th? I also want to know if any other read-a-thons or similar events are being held on this weekend?

If you are interested please leave a comment so I can start cooking up and formulating some really awesome sauce challenges and prizes! (Cuz it's not fun unless books are won, amiright?)

**also please be button/banner making skills are not profesh at all****


  1. I think your button looks nice. =O)

    My summer read-a-thon, High Summer Read-a-thon, goes from July 25-July 31 so no conflict there. I would like to say that I will do yours too, but I might be killed by my household if I read for a straight week and 3 days! But...the longer time frame would give me time to do regular stuff too. So you can probably count me in. ;O)

  2. Well that's the reason I posted this. I don't wanna step on toes again. The button can be fixed LOL

    BTW I'll be in on yours too! ;)

  3. This is what I always do when I get ready to plan my read-a-thons. I first do a search in my Google Reader to make sure none of the blogs I'm following are hosting one or talk about one they are going to participate in. Then I do a Google search of the internet just as a double check in case anyone I'm not following is hosting one. It's probably not full proof, but I've never scheduled mine on top of someone else's (so far anyway!).

    I was just over at Wallace's and I saw your avatar on your comments. David Bowie...oh, how I love him. =O) I'm happy to say that Wallace didn't bar me from the read along, even though I sucked at the John Adams one! Are you still reading it? I'm going to finish it, but I'll have to squeeze it in among many others. =O/


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