Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jane In June Read Along-Playing Catch Up

Round One: First Impressions + Chapters 1-17

  1. Tell us a little about your experiences with Jane: First time evah, reading Jane Austin. I have meant to pick up this book and every time I put it down. I am totally kicking myself silly for that!
  2. Share your first impressions of the book so far. So far I am loving the heck out of this book! I mean really what more could a body want? It's got great characters, great writing, and some seriously sarcastic menfolk. I love it. Oh yeah and WUV twooo WUV! <3
  3. Jane Austen is known for her memorable characters. What do you think so far of the characterization? Do any stand out to you? So far the three big standouts for me are Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bennet, and of course, Elizabeth. I think it's because I can relate to them the most. Plus, how can you not like a dad like Mr. B?
  4. What do you make of the principle characters so far? See above. I think that out of the girls so far Lizzie stands out the most. Mr. D is a close second cuz HULLO? they are so meant for each other! :0
  5. Discuss the eligible men of P&P: Impressions of Mr Bingley, Mr Darcy, Mr Wickham and Mr Collins. So far..I like them all except for Mr. Collins. He has irked me far and away the most! Do not get me started on this guy! No way no how do you wanna go down that alley!
  6. Discuss the Bennet girls stay at Netherfield: What do you make of Mrs Bennet sending Jane to Netherfield in bad weather? First off, what Mother in her right mind would send her child out hoping it would rain so she could be forced to mooch off another family or get sick..oh yeah Mrs. B! That's who! What did I think? Well I try to keep it strictly PG on this blog, but I thought she was horrible! Actually no..she IS horrible. She comes a close second with me (on horrible characters of this book) right under Mr. Collins!
  7. Discuss Wickham's revelation of Darcy's character: I kind of had the impression that he was relating this information based solely on jealousy. I can't place my finger on it but it seems like something isn't really all that right about this.
  8. Dicuss the humor in the book so far: As I've mentioned so far, I've been impressed at how sarcastic Jane Austen's characters can be. I mean I've LOL'd many times at some of the dry remarks that Mr. B has uttered to his wife..the strength of that man to have endured his wife..

Round 2 Questions and Discussion Starters: Chapters 18-29

  1. This section includes one of the most famous scenes of the book: Lizzie's unexpected dance with Darcy at the Netherfield ball. Geez, Louise! The squeeing that went on while I read this part! I honestly wanted to reach into the book and sock both of them in the ears for being so dumb. They were so tense and awkweird..
  2. And while you're at it, discuss the Netherfield ball in general. Basically this part made me want to facepalm the whole time. I was just mortified for everyone involved. The awkwardness, the annoying things that were seemed like one of MY parties..
  3. Discuss your thoughts on the book to this point, and where you think it's going: Well this is a first time read through for me so the best part is not knowing where it's going. I have not seen any of the movies, nor have I read any plot summaries (how I got to the age I am without knowing the basic storyline is beyond me!) So to avoid looking like an idiot I'll just avoid trying to predict the book's outcome!
And this is where I am at the moment. It's not quite up to where everyone else is but so far I am loving this book and I will continue to plow through until I can no longer see straight :)

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