Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Sunday Salon for 6/26

The Sunday

Life: Well I have stumbled upon a newly formed schedule for my week..and *gasp* it's working! I've managed to keep my house clean, keep my work organized, and even keep my blog up to date! I'm not stopping this success-train for nuffin'! So yeah, this is a weird new thing for me and I'm embracing it FULLY! I feel so accomplished!

Saturday Night: Well last night me and the hubs popped open some Guinness and watched The Guild on Netflix...WHILST he was playing RIFT (online MMO)'s that for life imitating art, huh? I stayed up WAAAY too late and feel like poo this morning.

Reading Today: Today I'm still reading Pride and Prejudice! I'm almost there people! I'm almost there!

and a cute picture that makes me smile ...

Mr. T reading The Lorax! Happy Sunday!


  1. It always makes me smile when I see children reading. Nothing makes me happier.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    Here's my Sunday Salon: Une Petite Visite à Paris. (And don't's in English. I just like to pretend to speak French.)

  2. So...what's your schedule??? Share....LOL

    It is great when things fall into place. A kind of synchronicity.

    Love the kid reading picture....



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