Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trent Reviews Say Hello to Zorro

So a few weeks ago I won a copy of this wonderful storybook! I don't usually review children's books, but since my son is starting to become a very avid reader (WOOT!) I decided to let him take a swing at reviewing a book! So here we have it..Must Read Faster's first ever vlog starring my son Trent! :) (please remember he's 7 years old so he's a budding reviewer)

Book Description:
Mister Bud is a dog of routine. He has wake up time, nap time, rest time, dinner time, etc. And everyone knows to follow his schedule.

Then disaster strikes. A stranger comes home at "make a fuss time" and throws everything off! Zorro is little bit bossy and Mister Bud wants nothing to do with him. But when the dogs discover they like the same things (like chasing the cat and napping), everything becomes more fun. As long as everyone follows the schedule.


  1. A new book reviewer is born! Trent, awesome review! This looks like a very fun book! I'm glad you liked it and I am glad you reviewed it for us! Great job!

  2. Adorable!!!! Trent you did an awesome job, Ms. Michelle is SO proud of you!!! Keep reading, I want to see more reviews sir :) xx

  3. Great job, Trent! He'll have his own blog in a few years. ;O) My boys and I are doing our library's summer reading program. They have to read 10 hours between June 6 and July 16th and I have to read 5 books...not a problem for me! They both read for a half hour today in their selected chapter books. Goosebumps, of course! I was very proud of them!


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