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Guest Post and Spotlight: Hello by Dakota Rebel

by Dakota Rebel
M/F Erotic Romance

Diane is a professional party planner for a high end fashion magazine. Her life so far has been a series of dating mistakes. Not to mention loneliness.
But when a mysterious stranger begins to call her and convinces her that what her love life needs is a
little spark…and some dirty talk, Diane realizes that there really is more to life than just work. And much more to a telephone than just setting appointments.

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Authors Bio:
Dakota Rebel lives in Detroit, Michigan with her husband Mr. Rebel and two incorrigible children, Jr. Rebel and Rebel Jr. 2.0.

Her friends are made up of the most amazing people on the planet. They not only accept her faults but often encourage them.

She smokes more than she should, drinks less than she’d like to, and is the life of any party that ends by 9 p.m.
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“Open the box,” Becky said excitedly.
“Here?” I asked, my voice seeping with horror. “What if someone walks by?”
“Grow up. You’re an adult. You can have—”
“A big ol’ box of dildos?” I asked. “Is that what you were thinking? I’m thirty-six and if I want to carry around a box full of sex toys, that’s okay?”
“Well, when you say it like that, it just sounds weird.”
We burst into laughter which echoed throughout the car. This was why Becky was my best friend. She was the only person I could have had such a ridiculous conversation with.
“So who sent it?” Then she hit me on the shoulder. “You did have sex last night. I knew it. I can’t believe you lied to me. Who was it? Was it Riley?”
“Don’t be dense. If I’d had sex with Riley I would have been on the phone with you two seconds later bragging.” I rubbed my shoulder. “And I didn’t lie to you. I didn’t have sex with anyone last night. Not really.”
“Aha,” she yelled. “Wait. What do you mean not really?”
“I’m starving,  where do you want to eat?”
“Let’s go to Scores. It’s loud and no one will be able to overhear you telling me about your night.”
She took the box off my lap so I could drive. I pulled out of the garage and headed for the bar. Scores was a great idea. I needed a drink. Badly.
“Wow, Di. I had no idea you were into this stuff. I can’t believe there is anything about you I didn’t know. I’m kind of hurt.”
“I’m not into this stuff. I have never even seen this kind of crap before.”
“Right,” she said. “But you walked in this morning looking like the cat’s meow and then you get a big box of…it. I want to know what’s going on.”
“And I’ll tell you,.” I pulled into a spot in front of the bar and turned the car off. “But first, I need a big stiff drink.”
“If you want big and stiff check this out.”
I didn’t want to, but I looked at Becky to see that she was holding a huge black vibrator in her hand. She pressed the “on” button and it shook so hard I could see it moving her arm.
“Fuck. Turn it off and tape that box back up right now!”
“I could put this under the baby’s mattress, and I’ll bet he would sleep through the night for a change. It would be like one of those vibrating bouncers I saw at the store last week. Can I have it?”
“No.” I grabbed it out of her hand and shoved it back in the box.
“Greedy bitch,” she said, pretending to sound hurt. “You have a whole box of them.”
“I’m glad you are so amused. Can we go in now?” I opened the door and stepped out, closing the door on any comments she might have added.

Guest Post:
My inspiration for Hello actually came from a combination of factors. I’ve always been a sucker for Romantic Comedies. Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, these women are my people. So when I noticed that Total E Bound didn’t have any books listed under their “Comedy” section I thought to myself “Self, this is a wonderful opportunity for you.” 

I was still a new author, Hello was my second release with TEB, so to be the only person listed under a whole category seemed like a good idea to me. Most of my books have a humorous slant to them anyway, so I figured focusing on that would be a snap.

And it was…and wasn’t. To be considered a “comedy” the book had to have more than the occasional chuckle at a line of dialogue. It had to be genuinely funny. And being an erotic title, it also had to be very sexy as well. Those things are harder to combine than I’d originally imagined. 

I knew that, much like romantic comedy movies, I was going to need some serious help from secondary characters. Enter: The Best Friend. Comedic sidekicks are an enormous advantage to stories like this. They are free to be goofy, over the top and slightly annoying when necessary, freeing up the hero and heroine to be ‘perfect’ by comparison. They also allow a convenient vehicle to get information to the reader about back stories and plot points without it seeming like an info dump on the part of the author.

So now I had a ‘cast’ and I just had to figure out what to do with them. Since I already knew how to write amusing dialogue, I knew I needed something that would involve a lot of talking. Talking on the phone requires much dialogue so…BAM, the idea for Hello was born. Shy heroine, mysterious stranger hero, spunky best friend and I had created what is still one of my favorite stories that I’ve ever written.


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