Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Love Books, but something's gotta give....

I love to read. I can't help it. It was ingrained into me almost from birth. My mother loved to read and was such a voracious reader that I couldn't help but also become one. When I was a kid/teen I never left home without a book in my purse or bag (still do this!) So it's been something that I've had from the start. My tastes have changed throughout my life, but the love of the book has stayed the same!

I started this blog to keep track of what I was reading, and to potentially make new friends. I loved the idea that my little opinion could maybe help a great book get into more people's hands! This blog has been so awesome for me! I've met a lot of cool people from it and have had such a great time with it!

Why am I writing this post? I'm not "quitting" my blog. I am going to take it back to the basics. My reading has gotten so slow and sluggish lately. I think (and we all know how that goes) that this has become like a job. I feel guilty if I don't have a post up, or a review done. I feel like maybe this blog has lost it's way. It's about the books, not the amount of posts I write!

So from now on I'm going to stop with the planning and just read and review. I've got some scheduled blog tours coming up and for now that is what I'll stick with. The one's I've committed to already and do not want to back out of!

I am not sure how long this will last or if it even will, but I feel lighter just getting this out there.



  1. I applaud your determination and decision! I've been blogging for a little under a year, and it is definitely a part-time job to blog, read and comment on other blogs, manage the Facebook site and Twitter. I needed this reminder to just enjoy this. I already have a day job, I don't want this to feel like one, too! :)

  2. I fully understand where you are coming from. Sometimes the pressure to get books read and reviewed takes away from my love for reading too. You should do whatever feels right to you. It's easy to get burned out on the whole process.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I recently announced that I'm no longer accepting review books (except in certain special cases) so by 2 or 3 months I should be caught up and ready to really focus on books I already own...which number in the 1000s! The relief I felt was amazing, but that will be nothing compared to how I will feel when I finally get caught up. So I'm right there with you, girl! And I will continue to follow your blog no matter how much you post. =O)

  4. i went through several months were reading was a chore and my blog reflects this ~nothing!

    I'm looking forward to reading what ever you post


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