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Guest Post: Bite Thy Neighbor by Esmae Browder #paranormal #romance

Author: Esmae Browder
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 300
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Some neighbors suck...literally.

Quirky Maisy Harker spends her time daydreaming about her sexy husband, Jensen Helsing. Though their marriage is one of convenience, Maisy wishes the sparks of heat she feels around him were reciprocated. Sexually starved, she also lusts after her mysterious neighbor, Adam. True, his incisors do look a bit sharp, and he never seems to drink or eat anything—but hey, maybe that’s how he keeps that yummy, drool-worthy physique!

Yet Maisy knows something’s not quite right, and it isn’t long before she learns Adam is a centuries-old vampire embroiled in a gypsy curse placed on the women of her family. All her female ancestors have been drawn to the vampire and bound by his desires, experiencing a terrible side effect of the curse and resulting in death.

It's up to Maisy to find a way to break the curse once and for all before she, too, falls under his spell.



You’re the one I’ve been waiting for,” Adam whispered. “And I’ve waited a long time.”
I was unable to fight being aroused by this sexy man with the fierce, dark eyes. His lips were a pale red, and as I looked at them, my mind instantly pictured us in a heated lip lock, our tongues ravishing each other. All my senses jumped to high alert.
“I don’t know what you mean,” I whispered back, unable to keep the shake out of my voice. “You don’t know me. And…and I’m a married woman.”
“Married?” he scoffed and grabbed my hand, kissing it lightly. “That doesn’t matter when it comes to destiny.”
Damn. His lips on my skin set my heart skipping. I started to feel a little tingle between my legs.
“Destiny?” I asked, shifting slightly.
“Don’t play dumb with me, my sweet Maisy.” Adam smiled and then stood in front of me so quickly I didn’t see the actual movement. “You can’t deny the passion you feel for me,” he said, going to his knees. “I’ve been in your dreams. I know your desires.”
He put a hand on my bare leg, sliding it up to my thigh as light as a feather.
“That’s not possible.” I shivered, wondering if he would slip that hand higher and discover how vulnerable I was without panties. “You’re teasing me.”
“Am I?”

Esmae Browder is an ex-catholic school girl who loves romance and vodka tonics. When not reading a spicy novel, she enjoys creating them by combining elements of well-known tales and updating them for our modern world. She is the author of the Naughty Shakespeare series, as well as, the paranormal romance Bite Thy Neighbor—a sexy Dracula meets Wisteria Lane style novel.



Guest Post: 

How to Avoid the Rejection Blues
Esmae Browder

Rejected. Again and again.  And again.
Some days the rejection process is a lot like the directions on a shampoo bottle. Rinse and repeat. It’s hard to accept and more often than not, rejection is a painful process—even for the seasoned veteran. I’ve been writing seriously for over ten years now and rejection is still a constant companion.
That’s not to say I haven’t had some successes. I’ve been published traditionally and independently. Some of my manuscripts have even won an award or two. I’ve been asked to give workshops on the process of writing. I’m confident that I’m a strong writer with all sorts of possibility before her.
And still…I get manuscripts rejected.
When I was first starting out, these rejections hurt so bad. What did they mean my novel wasn’t right for them? How could they think that? Didn’t they know they were holding the single most important piece of literature known to the common man in their very hands?!
Okay, so maybe that one is going too far, but still, you understand what I mean.
After some time though, I started to learn how important these rejections are. First of all, they are a sign that you are making your writing life happen. So many people sit around and wish they were writing. Wishing is awesome, but action is better. At least that rejection shows you’ve been doing something with your time. Secondly, rejections can be a way to learn about what you need to do to improve your writing. Sure, a lot of agents and editors send you a form letter with little info to be gleaned, but occasionally you’ll get one that has a sentence or a phrase that is more personalized. Pay attention. Especially if you see that same phrase again from a different person. That could be a clue as to how you can strengthen your work.
If you are lucky enough to get more than a form letter from a publisher, editor, or agent, embrace it. You’ve just won a silver medal. They may have rejected your work, but if they are offering reasons why, you caught there attention. Take their advice and make some changes. Sometimes a rejection can turn into a “yes.”
Rejection sucks. There’s just no way around it. I’ve read articles about how sometimes you have to know when to give up. Ugh. Are they kidding? If you’re a writer, you never give up on your work. A manuscript, maybe. A short story going nowhere fast? Okay. But on writing itself? No. Get around the rejection blues by writing something new, focusing on a different project, or by simply taking a week off from what you’re working on.

Rejection is never the end. 

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