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Guest Post: Heart-Shaped Emblor

Young Adult Paranormal Romance/ Sci-Fi
Date Published: 10/11/2013

Hidden powers. Otherworldly boyfriends. FORBIDDEN SECRETS. 
For Aislinn Moore, attending college at seventeen isn’t a big deal. Not when compared to the difficulties associated with seeing ethereal beings and having prophetic dreams. 
As Aislinn learns to surmount the obstacles of her talents, she awakens something inside herself—an ancient memory, long forgotten. She senses there are reasons for her gifts, but remains unable to understand them. 
When Alexander Welch enters her life, she learns of the Ewlishash—the hope bringers—and thinks she may have found her answer. Alexander is sexy, sweet, and his talents are like something straight out of a Sci-Fi flick. Aislinn wonders if she may be like him, but the more she tries to fit his mold, the more her instincts scream that her destiny holds something even greater.

Guest Post: 

How to Meet Deadlines and Remain Sane

Not only do I write, but I also assist my publisher on other projects, I work as a graphic designer, I’m still an assistant for Cascade Writers, and I’m a mother and wife. Putting all of this together makes me one crazy busy person. Yet I meet my deadlines.

Granted, there will always be life events that get in the way of things, sometimes you’re depending on someone else for a piece of the writing or project and they aren’t delivering on time, sometimes there are random events that prevent releases from happening when they’re supposed to. These things happen. They’re called life. If this happens, it’s important to remember life comes first, then the writing. Otherwise, you will go insane.

One way that I personally keep my stuff coming out on time is to budget my time well and allot extra time when needed. If I know it’s going to take me three months to write a novel, I budget for four months. That way if I get sick, my kids get sick, or anything comes up that prevents me from writing; I still have time to meet my deadline.

Once we start missing deadlines, things can pile up quick. Projects can bleed into one another and more stuff can get behind. The best thing I find is to write when the flow is good, and keep writing. Some people will only write 1.5k words per day. But if I can get 4k in a day, why not? Keep writing when it flows, so when it’s not, you can take a break.

I think missing deadlines will happen, but just budgeting your time will help prevent this from happening. Also making sure you can deliver on what’s promised. If a publisher wanted me to write three novels within one year, and release all three at the same time, that’s taking on a lot more than if I agreed to do one per year. Remember, writing the novel is only one step. Then there’s editing, and this process takes several steps too, then there’s release and promotion. Stuff like this guest post, for example. These things take time. If you afford yourself the time to meet all of your demands, deadlines should be easier.

Alaina Ewing
Alaina Ewing lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two boys. She holds a degree in Multimedia Production and is the Assistant Chair for Cascade Writers, a nonprofit Milford-style workshop. She also makes jewelry, dream catchers, and enjoys working with herbs and essential oils. 

Her first novel, The Heart-Shaped Emblor, releases October 11, 2013 with Evil Girlfriend Media. The novel is the first in the Ewlishash Series. 

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