Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blog Tour: The Tearings

Title: The Tearings
Author: V.C. Repetto
Genre: Young Adult Dysopian
Publisher: Evernight Teen
But when Maya catches the disease, the one they call The Tearings, and is taken to one of these centers along with her mother, the truth becomes all too clear. She is separated from her family and forced to work, becoming one of the more fortunate ones who is not sent to the testing wings. Bullied by the guards to the point of death, she meets David Summers, the enigmatic young Captain who appears to loathe his position of power in the camp and who seems as drawn to Maya as she is to him.
When Maya suddenly becomes the disease’s only survivor, she must put her trust on David to find a way to escape the camp and get the truth, and the cure coursing through her veins, out to the world.

My Review:
Wow! This was a great book! Seriously! I loved the fast paced style of story-telling that V.C.Repetto has here. The Tearings packs such a hard punch, it really is hard to put down. Maya is a great character. She's tough, but not unbelievably tough. She's smart, but not ridiculously smart. She's just a normal girl thrown in a very abnormal situation. SHE is the reason this story was so awesome. There are other characters, and they are also pretty well written, but Maya's story is the one that keeps you wanting to read more and more.

There is sorta a love triangle, but it's not super sappy. It's actually well balanced and done the right way. It fits and makes sense, instead of feeling like a plot device. So I can't find any fault there. I love how David's character starts off seemingly sinister, but then he quickly turns into someone you really like. Tom, Jessica, and Lesley each have a spot in the story and each make you care so hard. My feels for the side characters were pretty strong!

The only gripe I have is that the book ended! I wanted more! I really really hope that there is a sequel, because if there is I'll be right there up front waiting to get my hands on it!

Author Bio:
When not planning how to survive the next plague and/or apocalypse, V.C. Repetto likes to submerge herself in as many Victorian Gothic novels as she can find. It is quite a fun place, her head, between all the moldy lace and gas masks. She is an avid quilter and cross-stitcher, who longs one day to buy a weaving loom. V.C. Repetto lives in house much too small for all her pets.

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  1. Thanks so much for reading the book, and I am ver glad you enjoyed it!


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