Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick Review: Ender's Game

My Thoughts:
What the what?! This book! I loved it! I have been meaning to read Ender's Game for a really long time, but I never got around to it. I'd go to the library or bookstore wanting to snag it, but then I would usually get distracted by the flashy new releases! I could positively kick myself for that! This book rocked my socks!

One thing that took a while for me to get into was the fact hat Ender was a kid. All of the kids in this book talk like grown ups, so that threw me for a bit. However, the thing that I thought would turn me off of this book, the space travel, didn't! I'm not a sci-fi fan. I'm more of a fantasy kind of gal. This was a really big shock to me. I loved every page of it.

So basically! YAY Ender! I will be reading more of your story, homeboy!

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  1. Aren't these great books. If you want another-- lesser known-- Orson Scott Card for after Ender's Series I recommend Enchantment to see how Card takes on Sleeping Beauty


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