Monday, July 9, 2012

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon: Update Post

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

I'm starting this 'thon at roughly (and I mean rough) 8am CST. I might get up earlier, but don't bet on it. I like my sleep almost as much as I like my books. So I imagine that coffee will be a integral part of me reaching my goal.

Speaking of coffee..THIS is what I THINK I look like:

All elegant and shizz, but THIS is what I really turn into:

So ONWARD reading! HO!

Status Update 1:
Time Started: 8:15 am CST (I did say rough)
Time Finished: 10:46pm CST (this isn't how long i read just when i shut my book for the last time of the day)
Book: Ender's Game-Orson Scott Card (finish up)
Page Started: 136
Page Finished: 201
Completed: N
Notes: I hoped to finish Ender's Game, but sadly too many distractions. I plan on having it done tomorrow and a good chunk out of the next book.
Mini Challenge  

Status Update 2 :
Time Started: 10 am CST (Had some errands to run this morning.)
Time Finished: 12:25am (I stayed up to finish EG)

Book: Ender's Game-Orson Scott Card FINISHED
Page Started: 201
Page Finished:324

Completed:Y-Book 1
Notes: I managed to finished Ender's Game!!

Challenges: None

Status Update 2 :
Book: Wife22
Page Started: 1
Page Finished:117


Notes: I started reading Graceling, but changed to Wife 22. I didn't finish it, but I'm really liking it. It's a quick read so far.

Books Read: 1

Ending Totals:
Books Read: 1

Pages: 305


  1. GOOD LUCK! I tend to wake up nicely with a bit of coffee in me, then get over-confident and end up going to sleep. Bizarre, I know. Hopefully I can stay awake a bit this time and keep reading - it's only 3:30pm here but I've already had at least two naps since breakfast! ;)

  2. Love Ender's Game! Definitely in my top three favorite books ever. I hope you enjoy it. Good luck and happy reading!

  3. Good luck on the readathon! I miss participating in all these readathons now that I am working. They are always fun even if you don't get a lot of reading done!

  4. I've had a lot of distractions as well. But it looks like you're doing next week's readathon also! I am as well, we can cheer each other on!

    Your blog is lovely! New follower! :D

  5. I hope you were able to finish Ender's Game!

    I have also been distracted but I really had an issue come up that needs to be fixed and in order to get more information, I've been doing genealogy research on my family the past two days which has taken up the majority of my time. I think I'll be able to take a break at least until the end of the read-a-thon now.

    Oh! And I love your representations of yourself at the beginning of your post!


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