Wednesday, July 18, 2012

High Summer Read-a-Thon Day 3

So I had a craptastical day of reading yesterday! Too many distractions and not enough spare time to read. :( Today should be a little bit better..I'm hoping to read 1 book today! :) I'll be satisfied with a half. lol 

Day 3

Books: Wicked Lovely and Dark Lover (I will feed my book ADD)
Pages read so far:  297
Finished: 2 Books
Challenges: none
Notes: beer + books= no reading really lol
Cute  DELICIOUS picture of the Day:

Have a Spike! :) You're welcome!


  1. Oh hello... *wolf whistles in a very unladylike manner* I've been considering buying all the Buffy series now. I first watched them when I was kinda young to get the humour/not be totally freaked out by the monsters, so it might be time to start again and do it right. TOTALLY loved Spike though. :)

    Happy reading for another day - hope today's less craptastic!

  2. WOO! SPIKE! I haven't watched any Buffy in a while, might be time for a little Season 1 marathon.

    You've done good page count wise, for not having a lot of time the last couple days!

  3. Spike! Whatever happened to him? I hope you're reading time was longer today!


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