Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Stuffs

I'll probably do a post like this every weekend, so you'll probably see this often. Here is where I'll put the things that amused me during the week. I'm a geek and always online so I'm always stumbling upon random, wacky thingamajigs. So enjoy! Join in with me if you want?! I'm not trying to start a meme but you know..the more the merrier!

So to get my Damon (the Vampire Diaries) fix I found this:

Now I don't usually condone Ke$ha but the song works for the video. It gave me the smiles.

Up next we have this:
If you can't read the font it says "Edward Cullen kidnaps real vampire, wants to know how to be awesome. Spike is still refusing to cooperate."

and lastly, I am just proving my nerdiness with this one but I miss the show Legend of the Seeker. I loved it. So this video made me get sad and all nostalgic!


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