Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon-Day Two

Once Upon A Read-A-Thon

Yesterday I actively participated until about 9pm and now I'm back and ready to go! I'm gonna log my progress today! Wish me luck! Happy Reading!

Update 1:
Time Read: 8am-10am
Book: Shiver
Notes: Not really digging on Shiver so I'm going to put it to the side and move on. I'm moving on to Proust's Overcoat.
Update 2:
Time Read: 10:30am-1:30pm
Pages: 120
Book: Proust's Overcoat
Notes: Hm..not sure what to say about this one. I'll have to think about it a bit before I write my review.
Update 3: I'm going to take a break a bit..maybe a nap and come back. I stayed up way to late last night! I did get Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile today so I'm going to read this next! :)>
Update 4:
Time Read: 2pm-3pm
Pages: 45
Book: Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile
Notes: OMGwaffle, I love this book! This is a great sequel! I'm doing a blog tour participation so you will see my post/review on thursday for this! It's been storming a bit here so I've been preoccupied with the kiddo keeping him calm. He's going through his "i'm scared of storms" phase..do we ever not have that fear? Anyways, back to reading!


Hours Read: 6 hours
Pages: 251
Books: 1

Not at all great but there is tomorrow! Last day of the Read-a-Thon! :)

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