Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gone With The Wind-Chunky Challenge

Yup, I'm gonna start it. This book has been sitting on my desk glaring at me for almost a year! My sister let me have it and I just never cracked it open. Well that ends now! I'm challenging myself to read this! I'm shooting for the end of July to have it completely read! That is plenty of time to read this book...right? *gulp*

June 17th -Ch. 1 & 2
June 18th-Ch.3 (had to go out with the family last night)
June 19th-20th-Ch.4-6
June 21st-didn't read
June 22nd-23rd-I have been negligent on this big honkin' book :(
June 24th-Ch.6-half of 7
June 25th-half of 7 to half of 8
June 26th-27-half of 8-12
June 28th-(think i'll use page numbers from now on) Start-222/End-226
Skipped June 29 & 30th (reading The Secret)
July 1st-Start-226/End-236
July 2nd-5th-227/414
July 6th-415/

Update 1: (has some naughty words) June-26th- Now that I'm into the second part of this book I'll post my comments about the book so far. I really like this. I have never watched the movie and only vaguely knew what the story was about. The only thing I knew was that people kept telling me to read it! I'm glad I'm finally doing it! Scarlet is (so far) a stubborn brat that is manipulative and pouty! I kinda like her! So far I've gotten just a teaser of Rhett and all his bad boy charm. He seems (again so far) like an interesting character. Kinda cryptic and definitely a smug bastard! I felt so very sorry for Charles! Scarlet totally lost some points with me when she decided to turn her charms on him after the debacle with Ashley! She totally went full on bitch with him! Then she had that poor baby! Gah! Such a spoiled brat! Well now she's in Atlanta and the story next update coming soon!

Update 2:
So I'm up to the part where Scarlet goes back to Tara. The Yankees have made it to Atlanta and so they skeedaddled on out of there. I cannot for the life of me think of a good reason why I haven't read this book yet! I love it! Anyways, I really am confuddled..I'm not supposed to like Rhett am I? I was always under the impression he was a bastard? Hm..anyways, I am enjoying this book.


  1. Oh man, gooood luck! That's a big boy.


  2. I just started it last night! It's going to be tough but I hope to finish it by the end of July too!


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