Monday, July 26, 2010

Iron King Review

I had my moments of doubt with this book. At first, I thought that it reminded me too much of the movie Labyrinth (Which I love so so very much!) I kept reading though. I had read so many good reviews of this book and wanted to see what was the awesome about it. I found out! It's a great book! 'Nuff said right? Well I loved the fairies and I loved the world of the fey! They aren't sweet little tinkerbells and I'm so loving that! I love the characters too! It's not just all about the fey lovin! Meghan, Puck, and of course Ash..what a triad of fun?! I love the tension between Puck and Ash..of course they want to be Meghan's man..I can't wait to see who she picks..if she does in fact pick!

All aboard the Iron Fey Train!
*TOOT TOOT*......I am a new fan of Ms. Kagawa and will definitely be snagging me a copy of the Iron Daughter when it comes out in August.

I give it a 4/5 :)

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