Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick Review-The Great Hunt

This is the second book in the Wheel Of Time series by Robert Jordan. Rand and his friends are out to find the Horn of Valere, that was stolen by an evil man. I loved how Jordan writes! I love how much more character development we got to see. Each character is woven into the pattern, as it is called, and each plays an integral part in saving the world.

Rand's dilemma is intense. He has a calling but doesn't want to face it. He is definitely a tragic Hero type of character, but it's not overdone. He makes his choices and deals with the consequences. I'm reading this series to be a part of the challenge (look to the right sidebar) and I just cannot wait to delve deeper into this world!

The only problem I had with this was the length. This is an epic tale and the size of the book is HUGE! There were a few slow moments where I thought it could do with a bit of trimming, but that didn't kill the story. I will give this one a 4/5 rating and suggest this series (so far) to anyone that loves a good fantasy story!

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