Monday, March 1, 2010

New Month!!! myspace graphic comments

March is here! I'm going to pretend that February didn't happen. I've seen other blog owners mention that they had a little bit of a slump last month and I do believe that was my case as well. I didn't get much reading done. This month however things in my personal life seem to be improving drastically!

I have to catch up on some review books and a couple of challenges but I think this month will be a good reading month! I'm ready for action!


  1. Yeah, new month, new beginning. Everyday is a new beginning. Happy book review and happy reading to us. I for one am looking forward to a beautiful month this March. Let's have a great month this March.

  2. Great Blog Title - I am always repeating this to myself. I have added your blog button to my book blog and would love if you could return the favor. I am also your newest follower. Happy Reading.


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