Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Product Review: Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo

I received this bottle of Dry Spray Shampoo and gave it a test run. It's a spray powdery type stuff that soaks up the oil that builds up on the scalp after you go a day or so without a shampoo. I have crazy thick hair and I hate hate hate having to wash it every day, plus it gets incredibly dry. I heard about this product and was like "BINGO! Gotta try it out!"

My test was simple and started the day after getting this in the mail. I didn't wash my hair the night before. First off, the fragrance is a bit strong but wasn't unpleasant. The application was pretty easy. Just a few spritzes along my roots and that was it! Then you let it dry and then comb out. It works perfectly! I had shiny, "clean" looking hair! I loved it!

The only thing is that if your hair is super oily like mine can be, then you can only go a day without washing it. The Spray Shampoo can act as a refresher on that second day, so you don't look all scuzzy. If you don't have this problem then you could probably go a day more than this but I wouldn't recommend it.

Bottom line is that this stuff works for me! I love my little bottle!

Just a few facts:

  • It doesn't leave any powdery residue
  • 100% Safe for all hair types
  • Absorbs oily buildup on the scalp
  • Retails for $7.99
If you are interested in this product visit Salon Grafix's website

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