Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Grisha Series (Book 1 and 2) by Leigh Bardugo

The Grisha Series..I have heard such things about you and let me tell you...those things are NOT wrong!
 You are a delightful treasure that I should have picked up long before, but for some ridiculous reason I kept putting you off! For this I offer my deepest regrets!
Once I slipped into the first book, and started my journey along with Alina and Mal...I was hooked. I have spent many a night fighting sleepy times just to read these books and let me explain something to you all...I LOVE MY SLEEPY TIMES!

I have plowed through the first two books like my son would plow through a truck load of candy if he could and that is super fast! (The kid loves him some sugar!)

Anyways, the first two books are super fab. I really do feel like Alina is the kind of character I wished I had when I was a youngin'. She's strong, opinionated, but not with all the cliches that make me ragey pantsed. You know the cliches I speak of! You know!

When the Darkling was introduced, I kind of rolled my sleepy eyes..remember my staying up late? I kind of had this weird situation where I liked where it was going, yet I didn't want there to be this threesome of love triangle-ness. My first reaction was to totally ship Alina and the Darkling..even though I knew she should have been with Mal..

                                             I mean I just have to admit I like the bad boys.

                                                           Sorry..not sorry.

I loved the characters that were introduced on the side too. Genya and David and heck even Zoya and Baghra were all pretty damn fun. I also think the whole Grisha system to be pretty well developed and interesting! The world building in this series is pretty tight! It makes it so easy to get lost in the story!

As I started on book 2 I realized that I no longer had a thing for the Darkling..oh no. My attention was drawn to a certain someone that ran with a whole 'nother crowd..a certain someone that made me want to scream to Alina...RUN TO HIM! HE IS THE ONE!...I am talking about the sexy Mister Nikolai. I again, will point to my attraction to the bad boys. 

Yup, Mal is great and all but I think he may be just a bit too I have yet to finish the 3rd book (review coming soon!) so this may change. I have a few inklings that he's got some surprises in store for us.

I cannot wait to find out how this ends, but also at the same time I'm fretful about the conclusion. I have SOOOO many hopes for these characters and I will be so upset if things turn out badly.

I am about halfway through Ruin and Rising, so look out for my review of the end coming in a day or so.

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  1. I have finished the last book. My thoughts...well they are coming soon. PREPARE your faces!


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