Friday, August 22, 2014

Bout of Books Update-Onward to the Weekend!

Bout of Books

I have been horrible at participating this time! I have good reasons, but I still feel bad. I had such high hopes of reading a crap ton and a half! My Dad was in the hospital after having a mini-stroke. He's okay now and after a surgery to remove a blockage, he's at home and resting. We had to pick him up from the hospital at the last minute. He lives about an hour from us and was in a hospital an hour away. I'm glad he's home now. It's been quite a challenge adjusting to not only that, but my son going back to school, and my husband being off on vacation. Quiet time has been very limited and spare time even more so!

But..this weekend is all about some reading! I have my books and snacks and very little actual work to do, so I am ready!

My stats are as follows:
Books Read-1
Pages Read-343

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  1. Hope things calm down for you soon! I love the look of your blog and how it looks like it is glowing. Good luck with your weekend reading!


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