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Mirrored *Great Read*

Title: Mirrored
Release Date: 2/17/14
Author: Dalia Florea
Genre: Mystery, Suspense Romance


The body of a teenage girl murdered in the Lincoln Houses is just the beginning…..

Investigative reporter, Nicole Watkins is assigned to the story, but when she comes face to face with homicide detective Andre Moore, she finds herself guarding more than just her sources.

Shaken by the murder of a teenage girl, Detective Andre Moore must put his own emotions aside or risk not only his life, but that of the attractive reporter, but is he strong enough to ignore his growing attraction?

Love is the last thing either is looking for but when the case brings them together, the complications of the murders only seem to intensify the attraction.

My Review:
I like my mysteries sprinkled with some romance. Definitely keeps me turning the pages when I get a good mystery that gives me just a little bit of something more juicy too. So when I read the synopsis for this one, I jumped on the chance to read it!

I really enjoyed Nicole's character. She's a very strongly written character that comes across as smart and confident. She's interesting and reads like a real person! Andre is instantly intriguing. He's got that something that not only makes Nicole take notice, but makes the reader wanna get to know him MUCH better. The intrigue stays for a while too. They have sizzling hot chemistry and it feels organic and not something forced.

The writing is good. I felt that the plot moved quickly but Ms. Florea didn't move TOO fast. The characters were vivid enough to make it feel like they were real. I had a great time reading this book and will read more from Dalia Florea in the future!
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Authors Bio:

Dalia Florea enjoys writing fiction. She believes that growing up in New York, obtaining a degree in psychology and having a nursing background have all helped her to mold and get into the hearts and minds of her characters. She loves to read all genres, but favors suspense romance like the Marie Force Fatal Affair series. In addition to reading and writing she enjoys solving Sudoku and cryptogram quotes, attending jazz concerts and visiting wineries in and around her northern Virginia home. Dalia has parlayed her love of suspense romance novels into her first published work, Mirrored, and has two more novels in the works.

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