Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moonflower: A Memoir of Healing

Moonflower 2 
Moonflower is Part Memoir, Part Self-Help and Part Spiritual Odyssey. Tara is an incest, rape and sexual abuse survivor, who suffered from PTSD for many years but was misdiagnosed with mental illnesses instead. This took her down a near-fatal path ultimately ending in an accident, which nearly claimed her life at age 29. Most only know the abridged version of the story, yet the real story holds many truths and miracles that must be shared. With a second lease on life, Tara faces the sexual abuse and betrayal from her younger years with support from a compassionate zen therapist. Tara begins to recreate her life with a new spirituality that feeds her soul and encompasses her painful past, giving life to the love that has always been her birthright. With lucid prose and powerful poetry, Tara details her soul’s transformation from darkness to light, offering her readers the gifts of honesty, empathy, and empowerment.

This revealing story uncovers the aftermath of abuse that often leads to unstable relationships, repeated abuse, and mental or physical dis-ease.  Moonflower exhibits the power of the self and spirit in the healing process. It stretches beyond what may be considered a “normal” path and braves a non-traditional spiritual road to wellness, inspiring others to broaden their perspectives of the healing experience.

Moonflower embodies metaphysical ideologies as key steps in the author’s own path. Readers will delight in journeying through esoteric practices such as intuitive readings, meditation, and Reiki, as the author takes them on her unique voyage.


PUYB Meet the Author
Tara Edin is an incest, rape and sexual assault survivor, wife, mother, English teacher, Reiki master and most recently, a published author.  As a rape and sexual assault survivor who has struggled for many years and come out on the bright side, Tara’s goal is to help fellow survivors feel less alone, less crazy, and more inspired.

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My Thoughts:

This book is an honest and open account of one woman's life. She's a survivor. Pure and simple! Tara's story is hard to read at times, not because it's badly written, but because it's so honest. What has happened to her would completely shatter most people, but she's found a way to use her horrific experiences to help others. I found her strength to be inspirational, even though I have never experienced anything at all close to what she has.

I don't read many memoirs, but this one tugged at my attention. Mrs. Edin's story is one you will no forget. I love that she came out of all  of this with a loving family, a strong personality, and a great book that is certain to help people that are struggling.  What I got from this book is that Mrs. Edin has a message to other's like her. She shows them that they are not alone and that they have no need to be quiet.

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