Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 1: Bout of Books

Bout of Books
Today's Books:
Paperback Audiobook (for the gym)

As for challenges:

The main page's challenge is as thus:
"To kick off the read-a-thon, we're doing something a little different. We're hosting an informal challenge. Take a picture of yourself with your reading pile, your reading companions, the Bout of Books tagline (Are you ready to get your read on?), or anything else that will let us get to know YOU! Upload it to any social media site with the #boutofbooks hashtag and CONNECT with other readers!"
I will be doing this one!

Scavenger Hunt
I will do this one sometime today!

Playlist Challenge
I'm still on the fence for this one..but come back later and see if I've done it!


  1. I'd done half the scavenger hunt before I even started reading, haha! Nothing says 'starting Bout of Books off well' like spending quality time scrabbling around taking pictures of books of a morning. :D

    Good luck this week, wishing you all the reading and food and other wonderful things!

  2. I read for a little while and now I am hoping to spend a little time commenting and doing challenges..good luck


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