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Blog Tour: Boundless Sea

Paranormal Romance / Epic Fantasy
Date Published: May 2012

An underwater kingdom. A missing queen. A modern man plunged into an ancient war...

Trevain Murphy's new wife has been forcibly taken. He must do all he can to search for her without falling apart. His love was the noble Queen Aazuria, ruler of Adlivun, and he has been burdened with all of her responsibilities. The Alaskan man is unable to cope with the political unrest of his new nation, and turns to his wife's younger sister for help. Princess Elandria is expected to assume important administrative duties, but she is overwhelmed with depression and completely useless to her endangered people.

With Adlivun facing a growing threat from the foreign submarine superpower known as the Clan of Zalcan, headstrong General Visola Ramaris becomes focused on seeking advanced military protection. Going against the ancient mermaid tradition to remain hidden from land-dwelling societies, Visola decides to reveal herself to the American public and make an eloquent appeal for assistance. But nothing comes for free. The countries of the Pacific Rim invite Adlivun's diplomats to an APEC conference to present their conditions. The price for survival is outrageous and unexpected; if Trevain agrees, the small marine kingdom will play a crucial role in changing the infrastructure and economy of the world forever. But will the proud citizens of Adlivun sacrifice their freedom and dignity for security?

Meanwhile, on a dark and desolate continent, a displaced queen has been captured and imprisoned by enemy forces. Her only concern is concealing the child she is carrying from her deranged captor. Thousands of miles from any sign of humanity, Aazuria must battle the coldest temperatures on earth in order to find her way back to her husband--but even if she lives, will she be in time to save her beloved Adlivun from itself?

My Review:
Advance Warning:
This is the 3rd book in a series that apparently will be 7 installments. I was given the chance to read the first two before reading this one. (I hate jumping into a series in the middle!
Here is the deal, this book was awesome! The writing is tight and near flawless. The books build up on themselves so very well! I really love when a book will make me gasp out loud and I did that a few times while reading this book! So many emotions, man! Seriously got punched in the feels a few times! 
Have you ever just wanted to grab a character and shake them hard? Yeah I wanted to grab both Trevain and Elandria and do just that! They both made me so frustrated! Ugh, the actions! 

I definitely am intrigued to see how Nadia Scrieva will take these characters onward! 

Nadia Scrieva

Nadia Scrieva lives in Toronto, Canada with no husband, no kids, and no pets. She does own a very attractive houseplant which she occasionally remembers to water between her all-consuming writing marathons.

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