Monday, April 9, 2012

What are you Reading Monday?

Yes, yes, I know I'm super late to post this! Blame my new Weslo elliptical machine for taking from 7pm to about 1am (ish) to put together! Ha! The box said, "Simple instructions!" Liars! Anyhoodle, This morning my husband got the kidlet ready for school and I slept in a smidge. I woke up and worked out on it. It kicked my butt, so I guess the score is elliptical machine 2 and Melissa 0. I'm thinking I'll score when I lose about 20lbs, yes?

Onwards to the reading plans for this week. I have hit a slump. I'm reading sooooo slowly lately, so I took my trusty dry erase calendar that I have my books scheduled on and erased this week. WHAT THE FLAGNARD?! Yup, this week is going to be a free (read) for all. I have a lot of books that I have been DYING to read and I have put my review copies ahead of them, rightfully so, but it's caused a bit of a slump. So, I will read whatever I choose and whenever I choose. I do have ONE goal though, and that's for the Monster Pick Your Thon, event going on right now. I will read and review at least 4-5 books this week. I don't care what they are, as long as I read! :)


  1. We can all use weeks for "free reading." Enjoy!


  2. I hate reading slumps - bleh. Then when your out, you can't read fast enough!

    Happy reading this week :)

    It's Monday! What Are You Reading @ the Brunette Librarian's Blog

  3. Have fun with your new elliptical!

  4. I had no idea this event was going on right now! I'm on spring break so it's the perfect time to join. I hate reading slumps. I hope the event helps you get rid of yours.

  5. Hope you win your war against the elliptical!!!

    Enjoy your reading anything you want this week - sometimes you just need to be able to read what you want, when you want.

    Kristin @ Always With a Book

  6. LOL good luck with that elliptical! and hope wiping the slate gets you out of the reading slump. Have fun doing the Monster Pick Your Thon, I didn't realise it was running or I would have joined ... next time.
    Happy free reading :)

  7. I hate when I hit a reading slump. I grew up with book readers which planted my love for books. But some times it is nice to enjoy life outside of a book. As much as I love to review books and love getting my books in the mail I love going to the library or book store or just browsing my own shelves and choosing my own next read.

  8. Beat that elliptical into submission. And then have it call mine so that it can be tamed as well.

  9. I hit those slumps sometimes too. You'll recover! in the mean time enjoy whatever book you pick up & enjoy your elliptical!


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