Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon


I know, I know..another one? YES! It is friggen KNOWN

that you cannot participate in TOO MANY read-a-thons, PLUS this one is hosted by my buddy Michelle!  So it starts 4/23 at 12am, which I will still be drooling on my pillow at that hour, but immediatly after I wake up and coffee up I'm going to start reading! The jist of this is that you will have to read at least 1 horror themed book during the weeklong event. I think I can manage. :)

Here is my list:

Yup, I am set! I am going to also try to finish up Soulless by Gail Carriger, but I don't know if that counts? Anyhoodle, this is my plans for the week. I'm gonna keep rolling with my roll ;)


  1. I think finishing Soulless counts (mostly because it's such an awesome book!). I'm participating too... guess I need to post about it!

  2. Yes, you are SO right. It is KNOWN for those of us in the KNOW...LOL! OMG, you must read Let the Right One In! That is one of my favorites. I love your list and yes, I would think Soulless would count too. I'm getting the entire trilogy in an omnibus edition next week. I've been wanting it for so long. Anyhoo, have a great time reading, as I know you will!

  3. I can't see your list :( I'm sure it's a good one though. Good luck!

  4. What, no read-a-thon sticky post this time? LOL! How's it going? Whatcha readin'? I hope you're enjoying it!


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