Monday, November 22, 2010

What are you Reading?

Just call me Mrs. Slackity Slack Slack! I am so upset with myself for last week. On Friday I had all these grand plans for updating, reading, and all that, but what do I do? Nothing! I just was lazy! I had the whole day to plan posts, read, and all that but I didn't! Ah! So this week I will be shaping up this blog and getting my shizzle together! Wee!

My Plans for this Week:

  • The Distant Hour -finish up (omg this is soo good but sooo very long!)
  • Leviathan-finish up
  • Blood Prophecy
For Review Writing:
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
  • Frankenstein's Monster
Yup, you aren't seeing things..This is pretty much my list from last week. *sigh*

Also I plan on getting the winner of my Cheerios giveaway posted by Friday at the lastest!

And also to my lovely readers:


  1. I think we all have those weeks from time to time. Not to worry, another week has begun for you to have some reading fun. Hope it is a good one and you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! It's okay to have a slow week, everyone needs them once in a while. :) I hope you enjoy your holiday and find a great book get lost in.

  3. Is the Distant Hour a Kate Morton novel? Just wondering because I am reading The House at Riverton and it's pushing 500 pages! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving and Hope you have a great week

  5. I feel your pain! I'm thinking that after I eat all that turkey and apple pie that I won't be able to I'll sit on the couch with my laptop and get TONS of work done.......that's the plan :)

  6. Oh I want to read The Distant Hours but long right now is not appealing to me... I need quicker reads.

    Eventually I will get to it :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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