Friday, November 12, 2010

Tomorrow Read for Hunger!

Do your part to end the hunger cycle: commit to reading a certain amount of hours on Saturday, November 13th. Here's how it works: leave a comment indicating the number of hours you pledge to read. For each hour you commit to read, you also commit to giving either $1 OR one non-perishable food item to a food pantry near you. And don't forget to invite others to participate!

I just stumbled across this today! This read-a-thon is starting tomorrow! Read the info up top then click the button and pledge! I am going to try and donate 1 can of food for each hour I read. I do have to work, but I will try to squeeze in every minute I can to read!

UPDATE: With the headcold and work I didn't get much reading in. I did manage to squeeze in about two hours, but I will still donate the 10 cans I pledged! I hope you guys will donate to your local food banks this holiday (and all year round!)

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