Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekly Reading Schedule-Aug 3rd

I know it's not Monday yet but I am just trying to get a head start :) Next week I have my training for my new job (woot!) So I will keep it a little light. The books that I'm choosing for this week are not going to be chunksters! I have a handful of books for kids that I want to read/review. (See! I'm a Jill of all trades! No genre is safe from my diabolical hands! mwahahaha..ah nevermind.) So here goes my plans for this week!

  1. The Adventures of Sing in Oregon-Betty S. Moir
  2. It's a Snap-Monica Kulling
  3. Fairy Hunters, Ink.-Sheila A Dane
  4. Her Name was Beauty-Deborah A. Williams
  5. Chosen by Desire-Kate Perry
  6. Milestones-Samira Armin Hodges
Yup you read it right! 6 books! Seems like a lot but the first four all together probably total about 250 pages at the most!

It's gonna be a fun week!

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