Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Salon: Sunday July 26th

Books Read: (not as many as I'd liked)
-Ravens (reviewed)

Books Reading:
-A Darkness Forged In Fire-almost done.

Books Up Next:
-The Light of Burning Shadows (book tour on Tuesday)

Updates on my life:
Very exciting events are happening here! On Tuesday I have orientation for what could possibly be my first out-of-home job in almost 7 years! My son is starting Kindergarten in August. My husband is shifting his work schedule around and he is seriously considering getting back into karate. I have piles and piles of books that I need to read so I'm going to finish up these two blog tour books then spend a wee bit of time getting my books in order.

So there is my little weekly summary. Lots of changes coming up for me, and hopefully I can keep up!

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