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Blog Tour-Ravens by George Dawes Green

Book Description:

The Boatwrights just won 318 million dollars in the Georgia State lottery. It's going to be the worst day of their lives.

When Shaw McBride and Romeo Zderko pull up at a convenience store off I-95 in Georgia, their only thought is to fix a leaky tire and be on their way again to Florida-away from their dull Ohio tech-support jobs. But this happens to be the store from which a 318,000,000 million dollar Jackpot ticket has just been sold -- and when a pretty clerk accidentally reveals to Shaw the identity of the winning family, he hatches a ferociously audacious scheme: He and Romeo will squeeze the family for half their prize.

That night, he visits the Boatwright home and takes the family hostage, while Romeo patrols the streets nearby, prepared to murder the Boatwrights' loved ones at any sign of resistance. At first, the family offers none. But Shaw's plot depends on maintaining constant fear-merciless, unfaltering terror-and soon, under the pressure, everyone's sanity begins to unravel . . .

At once frightening, comic, and suspenseful, RAVENS is a wholly original and utterly compelling novel from one of our most talented writers.

My Review: What I really liked about this book was the fact that it didn't turn out as I expected. I started reading and was a bit annoyed that it seemingly went along with all the standard "hostage situation" cliches, BUT after I read a bit more I was surprised by the change of direction Green took. Yes, the family is sorta being held hostage and they do initially start to plot against their captors, but soon Shaw (the bad guy) is sweet talking and making them all love him. I really enjoyed the relationships that grew and changed throughout this book. The whole family goes through a very emotional time and it was honestly interesting to see how they turned out.

The community's reaction to Shaw was a little bit of a head scratch. I really didn't know why they reacted that way. I do not want to spoil anything for the reader but I didn't really "get" that part, but it did work for the story's sake. Green seems to have possibly latched onto the myth that all southern people are religious nuts, but again it does work in the story.

There are two really sad parts in this book. I won't give them away but when you read them you will know what I am talking about. I will give Green major credit for these two scenes. He made me care about the characters that are involved. He had me near to tears with them and I could not get them out of my head for a while after reading. I'll give you a little heads up for them, one scene is near the middle and the other is very near the end. All-in-all, this book delivered. It was a good story with a few surprises and a handful of good characters. I really enjoyed myself with this one. It had its flaws but it worked.

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  1. Great review. I knew about the blog tour but this is the first review I have read on the book. I really like your take on it.


    I will be hopefully reading this one soon.


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