Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick Review-Beyond the Reef

Thanks to Scott Sweeney for allowing me to read and review this children's book! I just got it today and sat down with my little guy (he's five) to read it. He really likes boats so I knew the artwork would get him interested. The pictures are very well done and very pretty! The story was a wee bit too advanced for him, but he understood the gist of it. He told me he liked it very much! I myself thought the story was sweet. Roy the rowboat and his friends are adorable. Together they set out to discover what happened to Roy's parents.

Product Description
Bluewater is a cozy village surrounded by the sea. There are hundreds of seabirds, many fishermen, the occasional vacationer, and oh yes boats. This is the story about three young boats, Roy the rowboat, Karen the canoe, and Sally the sailboat. Roy the rowboat is an orphan, who never knew what happened to his parents. The three friends spent their days frolicking in the bay that surrounds their village, until one day when they decided to set out in quest of what became of Roy the row boats parents. Quickly they decided that the answer to this mystery lies somewhere out beyond the reef. Do the three friends heed the warnings of their elders too "NEVER EVER GO BEYOND THE REEF"? Do they find out what happened to Roy's parents? The answer to this my friend does lie "Beyond The Reef!"

# Paperback: 32 pages
# Publisher: AuthorHouse (December 5, 2007)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1434310167

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