Friday, July 31, 2009

Giveaway and Review-Strange Future by Josh Smith

Book Description:

Thomas Gordon's life in the city was going just fine. He had a decent job, a nice condo, and was generally content with life. One day, however, his boss was in a particularly foul mood, and a chain of inexplicable mishaps resulted in Thomas getting fired. Fed up with the world, he begins to search for an escape to a better life. While sitting at the Realtor's office, he stumbles upon a flyer on a bulletin board that asks a simple question: "Fed Up?" After calling the number on the pull tab, he meets a group of scientists with an interesting proposition: human cryogenic preservation... Thomas and his companions Vera and Doug emerge into the strange future of the twenty-third century: a world full of amazing technological advances and equally amazing people. Upon digging a little further below the surface, though, they quickly discover that this future isn't exactly the "better world" that everyone thought it would be...

My Review:
Josh Smith's Strange Future is a solid sci-fi story. It's a quick shot of fun! Thomas Gordon is a person that I think everyone would relate to. He's quite an ordinary guy that gets flung into a very extraordinary situation. It's a neat read that's bound to entertain and make you think a bit.
The future described is one that is quite possible. It's a scary thought but at the same time pretty darn cool. I liked the story and the characters were well developed.

I have one signed copy to give away. Must be in the U.S! (I'm shipping this one out on my own dime, so I have to watch the shipping costs.)
Giveaway Rules:
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Giveway ends on August 8th at midnight! Winner will be announced on the 9th.


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