Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Salon-May 31st

Hmm, where should I start? This week's been full of ups and downs here in the Caldwell household. I didn't get my usual "let me sleep in" time on Monday (my husband wakes up with the kiddo on Mondays, because we had to be somewhere. I should have known from the start that things weren't gonna work out for us. After running our errands our car started to act crazy. *yay* Then my husband utters a string of colorful words under his breath. Then I look at the dashboard and realize that our car is overheated...sooo we sit parked on the side of the road for almost 30 minutes. My son is bored. I am bored and tired and worried. My husband is grumpy of course. The car is a fun place to be right then and there. Luckily it all turned out okay. After conversing on the phone with my father about this situation, he helps us figure out the problem. *And we had a big DUH moment* (Turns out the water tank that looked quite full was in fact bone dry. How we overlooked that I will never be able to explain)

On to the good parts! I had a very busy mailbox week! I got a good handful of books (both ARCs and Wins and swaps) I'm always a happy girl when I go to the mailbox and find something other than bills! *hint hint ;)* My mail carrier is certainly going to hate me as I think I have close to 20ish books coming in soon. My desk is full, my book fetish is sated and my geeky smile could not be ..well geekier.

I am currently working on getting my associates degree completed so I can move on in school. The financial aid process is always a fun time but this time it's gone by rather smoothly. I'm very thankful and count this as one of the better things that has happened this week. If you've been to school and had to deal with financial aid stuff then you know how much of a pain in the you know where it is!

Reading-wise I have gotten a good chunk of books read and two reviews done (thats my goal)so I am pleased with this!

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  1. I understand those problems of having car issues...especially when you are a student with not a lot of extra cash! I work in student accounts at a college so I totally understand how confusing the financial aid process can be. Good luck with that! lol


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