Monday, May 4, 2009

Not having fun!

So this weekend was supposed to be filled with reading and reviewing and getting this blog nice and started, but nope..never happened. *insert sad face* My son started to get this gunk in his left eye (so much so that it matted shut in the morning.) So we were fearing the worst! Pink eye *shudder* So I called the hospital's hot line and spoke with a nurse about it. She said it could be just an irritation. So after that information I spent a good chunk of my weekend looking up his symptoms on the Internet, scaring myself half to death over it too! Let's just say we almost went to the ER about 500 times because of my paranoia. Needless to say his eye looked better by Sunday night and today it's just back to being the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

BUT...Now I have a doctor's appointment myself today. I woke up with a slight sore throat. *sigh* Ain't life grand?

Oh and I guess I forgot to mention the unnecessary stress of living in the South during tornado season!? Yeah, along with the worry about his eye and dreading my upcoming appointment (needles make me cringe..) we have about 3 hours of nerve-wracking weather. My husband was at work, we live in a trailer...yeah not fun!

Long story short, I gained a few gray hairs, lost a little bit of my sanity, my nails are nubbins now and I have a sore throat. Woo hoo! So hopefully I can get some reading done today at the doctor's office and after.

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