Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review-The Betrayal

To start, this was an impulse purchase for me. It's usually not my cup of tea but I thought the back summary sounded intriguing and fun. Boy was I wrong! *sigh* I hate writing bad reviews but I just cannot help it! This book was full of half developed characters, a half developed plot, and sadly not even a good ending. (I won't spoil it just in case!)

This could have been a good book. It had potential. If the book described on the back cover would have panned out on the actual pages, then this would have just rocked my socks. The characters acted randomly. The main female character inexplicably goes from being aloof and distant to madly in love with the main male character. The main baddie is a total slut and the theme of Vampirism is just ...*sigh*

I should have listened to my husband when we were in the store. He took one look at the cover, read the back and flipped through the pages and said "This is going to be lame!" The ONE time he's right! I will be more careful from now on.

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  1. Awwwh, this seems to sum up most of the romance books I've read. From one end of the pole to the other. At that time it seemed so plausible, now it gets quite irritating.


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