Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Post to Pop My Blog's Cherry...

So what shall I say here? My name is Melissa but if you want you can call me the Booklady! Wherever I go and whatever I do I am very rarely without a book or two. If I have down time I'm usually found in my favorite comfy chair reading with a steaming cup of coffee! Yum! Sounds relaxing doesn't it?

Like most Moms though, I rarely get that chance as often as I like. So I like to challenge myself. I set a goal for what and how much to read each day. Sorta like a homework assignment but funner! As I was sipping my cup of coffee this morning and reading Enchanter by Sara Douglass I got the brilliant idea to blog about it! Thus in one insane and spontaneous moment Must Read Faster was born! My plans for what this blog will evolve into aren't quite set in stone yet, but I'd like for it to eventually have a book club type of feel to it. Again though, its not set in stone. For now though, I'm thinking I'll read the books and review them on my own.

I like all sorts of books. My least favorite genre would be romance but I'm not afraid to be seen in that aisle at the bookstore! I find myself gravitating around the Fantasy section more often than seems to be the "kick" I'm on at the moment. This year however one of my main resolutions were to read more "classics."

My book list for May is on the right. These are the books I hope to read this month and review. Expect one review per book but many daily posts.

Well that is my first post for now! Later today I will probably post something about Enchanter as I have a few thoughts about this series!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world :-) It's a lot of fun and can be highly addictive, especially once you get settled in and find all the free books. Then you really WILL say


    Lol.. did I pop you blog comment cherry?

  2. LOL Oh of course you did! My husband has always looked at me like I was a bit insane whenever he would view my TBR list. He'd ask me "What are you reading?" and I'd pull out this page long list for

    Thanks for being gentle ;)

  3. Welcome to blogging! The book blogger community is really great and you will find a lot of moms here trying to do the same thing as you -- sneak moments throughout the day to get a little bit of reading in!


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